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Lev Akro 2023
Background information
Born 7 March 1997 (1997-03-07) (age 27)
Occupations Music Producer
Years active 2012- present

Her story begins in the beautiful and mesmerizing lands of Argentina, Buenos Aires. I stepped into this world on March 7, 1997. My name is Joel Christian Sosa, but I go by Lev Akro in the world of tunes and rhythms.

Every human being that comes into this world has a story to tell. Some stories are inspiring, some heart-wrenching, but each story has a lesson that can be learnt. We only need the ability to find that lesson. I believe that my story revolving around the world of music also has some lessons. It is embellished with tears and laughter, successes and failures, and almost everything that life could offer! I hope you enjoy taking a stroll with me down the memory lane.


he was motivated into joining the music industry at the very young age of 13. I was a teenager, obsessing over regular teen things. But there was one thing about me that set me apart from my peers- my passion for music. I had the eye (or let’s say ears!) to detect great electronic music. I was sit for hours in my room listening to various jams and tunes and trying to figure out why I loved them so much. One eventful day, I was in my room listening to the artist Tiesto. A friend of my sister came into my room and witnessed my enjoying the music. Seeing the way my eyes shone and the way my face showed weird tranquility, listening to that music, she pointed it out that this seemed to be my passion in life and I should pursue music production as a career. At first, I was skeptical. Where would I learn it? Who would teach me the ABC of producing music?

But as it said by wise men, life always finds a way to grow. I discovered great tutorials online. In those times, online channels like YouTube were not as helpful as they are now. I had to work really hard to find the right classes. I also lived in this bubble of a myth that electronic music production required expensive and technical equipment which was hard to come by. I had no money in my wallet. I belonged to a humble family. But life had a plan for me. My myth was busted by my sister’s friend. I was introduced to a music production program which was affordable. Hence, I joined the Reason program. They held my hands and walked me through into the island of electronic music.

About Career

The first two years of my career were very happening. I found a program more suited to my comfort zone, known as Ableton Live. The year 2013 showed me my first payday in the career of my dreams. I signed my first electronic production called Reboot, using the alias DJoe, in a US label called Dirty Talk Records. This product was distributed in all digital stores throughout the country, which was the first feather in my cap! In the same year, we worked on and released my first independent album called Machine. When I look back at that time, my eyes tear up. So much has happened since then, but those first achievements changed the course of my life.

Life is a combination of successes and set-backs!

In 2015, life decided to throw me some really tricky curveballs. My dear father fell victim to various health conditions, which took a toll on me. I was still young and trying to figure out life. I had to drop out of high school to be with my family and give them my undivided attention. Eventually, my father’s condition improved and our bond became better than ever. When he was strong enough to travel, we made a little trip to the Panda Studios. This particular studio was famous for having entertained a couple of popular artists and producers. My team and I recorded many songs there, jamming up various songs. Our final product was released on YouTube. It goes by the title Shut Up.

That same year we released another song, in collaboration for ECS Ferrer, called Abomination, released on Gray Lion Records and distributed by Sony Music. Having the honor of working with Sony Music showed me that all it takes is determination to make your dreams come true. This gold star on my collar led to a domino effect. I signed two new songs "Brutality" and "Phantom" on "+ Mas Label" of the company "EMPO," in Mexico. This company is a giant in the world of electronic music and working with them pushed my career in the right direction.

Change is a universal truth!

Life is not static. The only reliable constant in life is the inevitable occurrence of the change. The next step, the next change that I needed to make for my career was working with a vocalist. It was a new and exhilarating experience for me. Our song Today is the Day was released on the YouTube channel Airwave Music. The channel has more than 1 million subscribers and our video reached a milestone of 100,000 views!

After so many successful career endeavors, it was time for life to throw me a curveball! Due to some legal technicalities, I had to change my alias, DJoe. This name had given me so many memories and achievements, it was so hard for me to part ways with it. By channeling this pain into creativity, my current alias Lev Akro was born.

My new alias brought good fortune and I released 4 new songs:

  • ~~"You're the Best" signed on "Moon Records" Located in China
  • ~~"Freedom" Signed on "Gray Lions / Sony Music", "
  • ~~“Change Your Mind" Signed on "King Step Music "(it is a YouTube channel)
  • ~~a Remix to the song of" Blink 182 - Stay Together for The Kid "
  • ~~2017 brought another accolade. My remix "Signal" for a competition for the company Cymatics won 3rd prize.

This year I released many more songs were added to my belt:

  • ~~Mad Cello supported by artist Ummet Ozcan, which was also run by the radio channel Innerstate 99,Noise Control is a sub-label of the label Peak Hour Music founded by artist Exodus
  • ~~Sparkle which was signed on the label Peak Hour Music
  • ~~El Beso in collaboration with the artist Lucas Blanco from Argentina, which was signed on HoTL Records label, founded by the recognized artist David Tort and supported by Abel Ramos.
  • ~~I released my last song of that year Level Up Signed on the Brazilian Label Quartzo Records which added another feather on my cap, being selected as the Miami Sampler for that year.
  • ~~Vivir signed on " Alpha Recordz "
  • ~~Into Your Arms with Allen Wish via AW Records broadcast on US MTV United States.
  • ~~Switch signed on G-Mafia Records Located in Brazil
  • ~~Hey Boy signed on FreeMusicWave (Youtube Channel)


  • ~~You're the Best
  • ~~Freedom
  • ~~Change Your Mind
  • ~~Cymatics - Signal (Lev Akro Remix)
  • ~~Blink 182 - Stay Together for The Kid (Lev Akro Remix)
  • ~~Mad Cello
  • ~~Sparkle
  • ~~El Beso
  • ~~Level Up
  • ~~Vivir
  • ~~Into Your Arms
  • ~~Switch
  • ~~Hey Boy

Breaks and flexibility are vital for your psychological and physical health!

After such an eventful year, I was exhausted. My creative energy needed a break as it was drained. My mental wellbeing required me to take the work down a notch, and so I stepped aside for a while. During this recharging period, I started working as a ghost producer. It was a great bread earner and it also gave me the exposure to work with many recognized artists. I started to enjoy ghost production and decided to go into business for myself. I launched my own company named “Ghost X Music," which focused on selling ghost productions, samples, and work of vocalists, etc. I enjoyed betting on myself and succeeding in it. It turned out great for my bank account! After a while, the creative producer in me started to wake up. Ghost producing worked as a great recharger and the artist in me felt ready now to make a great comeback! I did not rush it though. I released 2 songs; Funk You Up that was released independently and supported by the YouTube channel King Step Music and a Remix to La Cancion de Danny Ocean - I Refuse supported by the artist Bad Bunny and posted on his Official Facebook. In 2019 I released my song Into Your Arms with Allen Wish, signed on the label AW Records, distributed by Sony Music. It was played my MTV music! In 2020 I released my song Vivir which was signed on the Canadian label Alpha Recordz (this label has made massive waves in Canada)

Work hard- Success will follow!

My music career has seen many highs and lows. My creativity has been riding many crests and troughs. But jogging through all these memories of the past, and jotting all of this down has reminded me of this for sure, art has no boundaries or names. I cannot classify myself in a particular musical genre. I like to experiment and try new things. And you can actually make money from your passion if you have the right determination. There are always methods and resources available. You just have to work hard enough to find them and put them to good use.

I am currently working on various projects; singles, collaborations, creative brainstorming and so much more. I believe that my career has yet to see its peak. Or perhaps there is no peak when it comes to art, just a constantly flowing river. Just trust the flow and believe in yourself, that is my driving force. You can find my work all over the internet, for instance through [1], [2], [3], [4] and [5].