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Last Chance
FansProject character
Last Chance in robot mode
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Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Ferrari FXX

Last Chance is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generaton 1 Dead End created by FansProject in 2013. In 2014 Reprolabels made a set of labels for Last Chance that made it look more like Dead End.


Last Chance is a third-party Transformer homage to the 1986 Transformers Stunticon Dead End. His vehicle mode is based on the Ferrari FXX, a real world prototype car. He combines with the other members of his team to form the giant robot M3.


FansProject first teased a silhouette of M3 at TFcon 2012.[1]

In January 2013 FansProject put prototype images of Down Force and Last Chance on their web site.[2]

In February 2013 TFsource posted color images of Down Force and Last Chance to their web site.[3]

Images of Last Chance were previewed at TFcon 2013's Third Party Panel.[4]

Last Chance was released in July 2013.


In the Fwooshcast podcast for April 23rd, 2013 the hosts talked about images of Down Force and Last Chance.[5]

The [email protected] podcast for May 3rd, 2013 selected pictures of Down Force, Last Chance and their Motormaster homage as New Picture Picks.[6]

The Cybercast podcast for May 4th, 2013 discussed FansProject Diesel and Car Crash, Downforce, Last Chance and T-Bone in the news.[7]

The moonbase2 podcast for May 7th, 2013 covered Down Force and Last Chance in the news.[8]


  • FansProject CA-12 Last Chance (2013)
An original third-party Transformer mold. Turns from robot to car. Comes with gun and collector card.
Last Chance can become any limb of M3, but his assigned position is as his left arm.
  • Reprolabels' Classics Dead End (2014)
A set of labels intended to make Last Chance look more like Dead End. Includes Decepticon faction symbols.[9]



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