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Heavy Load is the name of four fictional characters in the Transformers series.

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Fun Publications

Heavy Load-or rather Build Typhoon-was tragically reformatted into Long Haul by Megazarak's Robo-Smasher according to a universe described in "Ask Vector Prime".


  • Build Typhoon (2000)
Transformers into a dump truck
  • Heavy Load (2001)
The American version of the Build Typhoon toy.
A repaint of the previous figures; was recolored in 2006 into Long Haul and packaged with Hightower.

Transformers: Cybertron

Heavy Load is the Mini-Con partner of Menasor.


  • Cybertron Ultra Menasor with Heavy Load (2005)
Cybertron Menasor is depicted in the animated series as being about 58 feet tall. His 8.5 inch tall toy would be about 1/82 scale. This means he's nearly HO scale.
Came with the Mini-Con, Heavy Load.
Menasor's design seems to be the inspiration for Timelines Omega Doom.

Transfomers: Universe

Heavy Load is a Decepticon cement mixer. He is a Mini-Con partner named Drill Bit.

  • Universe Heavy Load with Drillbit (2009)

Transfomers: Animated

Heavy Load is an Autobot martial artist. He is modeled after the Robots in Disguise character.


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