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George Martin
Musical artist,

you are welcome to George Martin Music.
Native name George Martin
Born Hamilton, south Lanarkshire, Scotland
Residence 'Hamilton, south Lanarkshire, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Education Bachelor of Science- Nursing at '''Westbrook College, Maine, USA'''
Occupation Singer, Songwriter)
Known for Singer, songwritter.
Religion Christian
Parents [[ ]] [[ ]]


I am George Martin, I did not learn to play guitar till I was married.I was always interested in music since I was very young, but did not nothing about it until I married.I loved The Beatles especially, they are my favourite band of all time, but I also love many other artists, too many to name here.My favourite musical decades are the 60's and 70's, but I also like to stay current.I played in cover bands for 30 years or so, but I gave up the band due to work commitments.I then started to play solo acoustic, and I developed an interest in folk music

It was from this juncture on that I started to learn alternate tunings like DADGAD and open G and open E tunings from many folk and rock artists I liked such as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell, Dougie Maclean, Neil young, and many other artists.There are so many alternate tunings I play in now.,These open tunings give the guitar a completely different sound then when playing in standard tuning.I

I also love playing and performing with other musicians and vocalists, and I frequently do so when playing live, which I love most of all.I have a Youtube channel and my channel name is shargram for anyone who'd like to visit.I am also on facebook under my own name George Martin, and I post my videos there also.I am retired now, and can concentrate on my music full time now.

I am married to my first love, my wonderful wife, with two children and three grand children.We love walking and gardening and going on holiday.