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Mech IDeas character
Gauntlet box
First appearance

Transformers: Ascension episode #3, "Incursion"
Created by

Mech IDeas
Voiced by

Mason Brown (Transformers: Ascension)
Release number

Aliases Ironfist (Transformers: Ascension)
Species Transformer


Autobot (Transformers: Ascension)
Alternate mode

Armored truck
Tech specs

ST08 IN09 SP07.5 EN08

RN07 CO05.5 FB02 SK10

Gauntlet is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Ironfist made by Mech IDeas in 2014.

Mech IDeas

Gauntlet is a third-party Transformer homage to the Autobot Lightformer character Ironfist. His design is inspired by Nick Roche art from Last Stand of the Wreckers by IDW Publishing.

As an homage to a member of the Wreckers, he might go well with the Wreckers-themed Reprolabel faction symbols.

This Gauntlet is unrelated to the Transformers character who appeared in Transformers: Exodus. The original Gauntlet was a militia magistrate for the High Council before the great war started.


Mach 5 first displayed renders of Gauntlet on their Facebook page in May 2013.[1] Later that month they went up for preorder on Big Bad Toy Store.

In October 2013 Mach 5 announced on their Facebook page that Gauntlet was canceled due to problems with retailers.

In February 2014 Mech iDeas announced on their Facebook page that they were picking up the Gauntlet project.

The first color toy images of Gauntlet and Piston appeared on the internet in April 2014.

Gauntlet and Piston were released in August 2014.


The moonbase2 podcast for March 22nd, 2013 covered Gauntlet in the news. The hosts said they though looked like an iGear product and said it looked like Dreamwave Productions art. They also compared it to Generations Trailcutter and wished it had Ironfist's Lightformer gun. [2]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for May 27th, 2013 discussed pictures of Gauntlet and Piston. The hosts of the show predicted that the price for Gauntlet lead to lower overall prices for third-party Transformers.[3]

The moonbase2 podcast for May 27th, 2013 discussed Gauntlet and Piston in the news.[4]

The Fwooshcast podcast for June 2nd, 2013 talked about the Gauntlet in the news.[5]

The Good Morning, Cybertron podcast for June 3rd, 2013 discussed Gauntlet in the news.[6]

The Fwooshcast podcast for June 9nd, 2013 talked about the Gauntlet and Piston in the news.[7]

The WTF@TFW podcast for February 28th, 2014 selected pictures of Gauntlet as one of the New Picture Picks.[8]

The Shattered Cast Uncut podcast for March 6th, 2014 discussed Gauntlet and Piston in the news.[9]

The Retro Robot Radio podcast for May 3rd, 2014 mentioned Mech IDeas Bluster, Gauntlet, Piston and Trench in the news.[10]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for May 5th, 2014 discussed Mech IDeas Blaster, Gauntlet, Piston and Trench in the news.[11]

The WTF@TFW podcast for June 12th, 2014 selected War Gauntlet as one of its New Picture Picks.[12]

Animated series

Gauntlet as Ironfist in Transformers: Ascension

Gauntlet appears in the 2016 fan-made animated series Transformers: Ascension. He is depicted as the Autobot Ironfist in the season 1 episode #3 story called "Incursion". He appears in the Autobot headquarters, expressing his concerns about the details of a combat story told by Rodimus. Ironfist is voiced by Mason Brown.[13]


  • Reprolabels Symbols for Wreckers (2009)
A set of Wreckers themed Autobot faction symbols.[14]
  • Mech IDeas DC-03 War Gauntlet (2014)
A custom version of Gauntlet with battle damage sold at BotCon 2014.
  • Mech IDeas DC-03 Gauntlet (2014)
A new mold. Turns from robot to armored truck. Comes with a gun, collector card and instructions.
Shares engineering with Piston.



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