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Garang Wachbaar
Born May,07,2001
Residence Juba, South Sudan
Nationality South Sudanese
Education Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Ghana
Known for YouTuber, Video Creator, Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Graphic Designer

Daniel Garang Wach Kuol professionally known as Garang Wachbaar is a South Sudanese (born 07th May 2001 in Lobone-Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan. He is noted and best known for his hard work as a prominent YouTuber, Video Creator and Entrepreneur.[1][2]

Early life

Garang was born and raised in Eastern Equatoria State-Lobone before he was repatriated with his family to Jonglei State, Wernyol City. He grew up listening to the music of prominent Artists like Nyankol Mathiang Dut, Panchol Deng Ajang, John Kudusay, Nyan Paleu and Johnson Jok Lal of which got him inspired and have love for the music of the republic of South Sudan.[3]

Garang released his debut album on Spotify. After a month, he released his music to many other international platforms.[4] Garang who embodies joy and shares the light of his beautiful loving heart to his people, works for the love, peace and unity of his country.[5]

Professional career

Garang learned how to be a content creator in 2020 during the COVID-19Lockdowns and made a name to be best known for his hard work.[6]

He had his Career opposed by many people who didn't believe in his work before his breakthrough as they said, he won't make it in life as he decided not to give up in any condition and never let it go thus he created a social plateform which teaches and gives people online tutorials through his short videos on his YouTube channel on how to be a digital markerter as a matter of fact that Garang said he would not give up in any mean as he does his work and everything that comes on his way, he was a hard working student in his high school as teachers could always motivated him until he worked so hard and got scholarship to one of the best universities in Africa -KNUST Ghana where he is now advancing his learning of soft skills that might help future generations.[7]

Personal life

Garang Wachbaar stays in Africa and he is the CEO of Garang Wachbaar Tech in Ghana-West Africa.


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