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Yazdan Ponishare-verified.png
Born Mohammad Shahcheraghi
1997 (age 26–27)
Residence Washington DC
Nationality American
Other names Yazdan Shah
Occupation DJ
Music producer
Audio engineer
Years active 2015–present

Yazdan Shah, also known as DJ Yazdan, is an Iranian-American International DJ, Music Producer, Remixer, and Audio engineer. Yazdan has been in the DJing circuit since 2015, now a professional DJ and music producer in nightclubs, festivals, bars, and concert venues.[1] He has been performing for some of the hottest clubs in the US, including the nightclubs such as Abigail, Dirty bar, Decades, Gryphon, Living Room, and Ultra Bar Soundcheck.[2][3] He performs for thousands of people every week.[4][5]

Yazdan has received many offers to perform in other states like NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and LA. He has even produced and released his music, now available for streaming on various platforms.[6]

DJ Yazdan
DJ Yazdan

Early life

He was born in Iran in 1997. His name was Mohammad Shahcheraghi. Since his childhood, he's always had a passion for music and has always wanted to write his own songs. At the age of 16, he relocated to Turkey. He fulfilled his dream when he moved to the USA to pursue a musical career. He went to college in Washington DC, where he was able to spend his time working on his DJ skills and was soon a household name within DC.[2][4]


DJ Yazdan DJs in the most famous nightclub in Washington. He is a master of rhythm and lively melodies which have captured the attention of music enthusiasts in Washington, DC. DJing began in the year 2015 and, since then the DJ has established himself as an experienced DJ as well as a music producer at bars, nightclubs, festivals as well as other live venues.[4]

He has earned an impression at a number of the city's most prestigious clubs, performing for numerous people. He's also gotten into the world of music production and is currently developing new songs with co-producers. He has also recorded the music and made it available on music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora.[2][4]

In September 2022, he has a new blazer, Wave – Radio Edit, a spectacularly made electronic dance track version with an oasis of elements from tech and house music. Wave – Radio Edit is an exhilarating wave of melody that keeps moving in the same direction and takes a listener with it. The melodies are very hypnotic, and the way every component is allowed to work in perfect harmony with each other is a huge testament to the charisma, panache, and theatrical level of Yazdan's musicianship.[1]



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