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Born Bappi
November 2, 2001
Gopalganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Residence United States of America
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Bongoratna Degree College
Occupation Journalist

Kazi Arpa (Bangla: কাজী অর্পা; born: July 23, 2003 [age 18]) is a Bangladeshi YouTuber and Social Media Influencer (Official Facebook Partner) who posts videos on Games, Vlogs, and Music.

Early Life

Kazi Arpa was born in Ajmiriganj (Thana) Habiganj (Zilla), Sylhet, and was raised in Bajitpur, Kishoreganj[1]. She completed her SSC in Aftab Uddin School and College[2], Bajitpur, 2020 With A+. After the SSC Exam, she started her YouTube journey in 2020. She first created her YouTube channel name ‘Kazi Arpa vines’ where she posts dance and funny videos. Then she moved to gaming content and created a channel named Kazi Arpa Gaming where she posts gaming videos about Free Fire. She also opened a Facebook Page with the same name as Kazi Arpa Gaming in July 2020. After building a gaming PC, she started Live streaming on her Facebook page playing free fire, in March 2021. Some technical problems happened on her gaming channel that's why she stopped posting videos on Kazi Arpa Gaming channel then created a new channel named Kazi Arpa. She uploads Gaming, Vlogs, and Music videos on this channel.


Now Kazi Arpa is a Famous Streamer and Content Creator on both Facebook[3] and YouTube[4] Platforms. Her song PING HIGH is so popular on social media. She is also an Official Partner of Facebook from 1 August 2021. She became very popular within a short time.