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Altered State Productions
Founder(s) Eddie Castillo
Employees 50+

Altered State Productions is a full-service creative video production and marketing agency. The agency has become renowned throughout the industry for its captivating designs, polished branding, daring creatives, and expert media marketing. Altered State Productions, was founded in Dallas, Texas, but services Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Guatemala City. The agency is known for its innovative marketing campaigns and creative services. The full-service marketing agency has introduced a distinctive Service-as-a-Product (SaaP) model that is remodeling the process of selecting media production and marketing services for businesses and brands.[1]

History and Founder

Eddie Castillo[2] , an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and media director from the United States, is best recognized for establishing Altered State Productions, an innovative video production company and digital marketing agency. His leadership has steered the company to redefine marketing service procurement, offering a seamless, user-friendly platform that empowers businesses to create their dream campaigns with ease.[3]


Altered State Productions delivers a range of services including creative media production, marketing services, agency solutions, and technology partnership integrations.[4]

Creative Studio

Altered State Productions specializes in Creative Media Production. The Creative Studio specializes in evolving brands across three key disciplines: design, video, and sound. Altered State Productions sets brands apart with bold design, including 3D services. The production house is best known for video production, graphic design, sound design, and comprehensive post-production services, spanning photography to video editing.[5]

Marketing Services

The Marketing Services provided offer a seamless blend of digital marketing solutions, expertly addressing every aspect of the marketing mix. Enhancing search engine visibility through comprehensive SEO and local SEO, and engaging audiences via social media and influencer marketing, they keep pace with the latest trends. Advertising campaigns span social media, search engine marketing, as well as traditional and display advertising, ensuring targeted reach and impact. Tailored content solutions, including PR, email, and events, along with specialized services for e-commerce, mobile apps, and franchising, are supported by robust analytics and strategic planning. This integrated approach enables driving growth and success for clients with cutting-edge strategies.

Agency Solutions

The agency is dedicated to driving growth in the retail and franchising sectors, with a deep focus on enhancing e-commerce operations. Leveraging expertise in sales, lead generation, strategic business planning, and advanced e-commerce management for platforms like Shopify, Altered State Productions aims to optimize online performance and market presence. The client experience is ehanced with AI-driven support, offering timely, personalized assistance. Through comprehensive market research, project management, and CRM optimization, the agency provides a robust foundation for businesses to scale.

Partner Affiliate Integrations

Altered State Productions excels in the development of profitable affiliate marketing models, having successfully implemented affiliate programs for numerous brands. By focusing on merchant affiliate, agency affiliate, and influencer affiliate models, they enhance brand visibility and revenue. Their effectiveness is amplified through strategic partnerships with leading entities like Adobe Solutions, Wolves LA, Semrush, Klayvio, Corebook, Bunim Murray, Spatial,, Amazon, Impact Partnerstack, and ShareASale, enabling them to leverage cutting-edge solutions and technologies in affiliate marketing.

More About Altered State Production

Altered State Production’s success as a creative leader has been bolstered by excellent collaborations with distinguished clients like New York Style Fashion Week, Dallas Blends, Samsung, Welks Resorts, Revomadic, Ocean Foundation, Mario Capasa, Valyou Furniture, and many more, resulting in the growth of those businesses and an increased demand for the services the agency provides. With their recent launch of a new e-commerce platform, customers can purchase services a-la-carte or subscriptions which includes financing options such as Pay-in-4. Altered State Productions’ transparent and intuitive approach to service-browsing enables customers to discern pricing, duration, the scope of services and quality guaranteed. To date the agency has been responsible for generating a quarter billion dollars for brands and partners worldwide. Visit more at


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