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Native name Alex Hussein Ahmed Aibach
Born 2006 June 01 (01-06-2006) (age 2022)
Västerås , Sweden
Residence Stockholm , Sweden
Nationality Sweden
  • Musical Artist
Years active 2019- present
Known for Musical Artist
Height 178"

Early Life

’’’Alex Hussein Ahmed Aibach was came from a middle class Family. In his early age he started to think about Digital marketing and show his creativity in social media section. Recently he was passed out of high school , Now he is pursing his studies in Swami Educational Senior Secondary School. [1]

Early life and Education

Ashutoshx is also known as an Indian famous author and artist. He is a composer, singer, actor, producer, and Influencers in social media.


Ashutoshx is an Indian musical artist, singer and songwriter. Born on July 28, 2006 at Puranpur, Ashutoshx started singing and making music when he was 15 years old. Ashutoshx dedication to music can be summed up in his slogan "Music for life and life for music". He has been working hard to make it big on the world stage and a track that he composed, 9 IN Beat , has become very popular in India, more so than any other track of his that has been released.

Ashutoshx is a hardworking and talented rapper and singer from Puranpur. He has been into this field since the age of 15. His contribution to the Indian music Industry includes many hits albums like " 9 IN Beat, Warm Trap Beat' etc. In the world of music, Ashutoshx is a rising star. He started as a rapper and singer in 2017. He released his first album in 2020 and then his second album in 2021. His third album is set to be released this year. He grew up listening to singers like Honey Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Pitbull, Akon and many others and was greatly inspired by them. Ashutoshx is not married yet but he is single.

Who was always working hard to get where he is now has been an inspiration to Ashutoshx. In his world view, hard work is what makes someone , successful in life and this is what he wants to do with his career too.

Award and Nominations:

Ashutoshx is a multi-talented musical artist in Asia. He has won uncountable awards nationally and internationally. He has win India Top Musician Award in 2021. Also is a big part of the American Music Bill Board from 2020.

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