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Alessandro Barletta (Switzerland: Alessandro Barletta; born 9 January 2003), (nicknamed "Alessandro Barletta")[1], is an Switzerland footballer,.Alessandro Barletta is a talented Swiss footballer who started playing football at a young age and now is one of the most prestigious players in the country..[2]

Personal life

Alessandro Barletta is a talented Swiss footballer who hails from the city of Zürich.[3]. Barletta was born and raised in a low-income family in the south of Zürich.During his childhood and adolescence، he worked in many physical and low-income jobs، including salesman، agriculture.[4]


  === football team ===   {|  class="wikitable sortable"   !Year   !Title   !Role   !Director   |-   |  2021   |Frosinone Calcio U19   Alessandro Barletta   |Giorgio Gorgone   |-   |  2021   |"Grasshopper Club Zürich U8 to U21"   |  Alessandro Barletta   Rene Van Eck   |-


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