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Alaska is the northermost state in the United States of America.

Native Americans are believed to have first traveled from Asia to North America, tens of thousands of year ago, via a land bridge that connected Asia and Alaska, during the last ice age, when sea levels were lower.

Russian explorers visited Alaska and set up coastal colonies during the mid 1700s. British explorers, including Captain James Cook, also explored Alasks's coasts.

Later, after US independence, US explorers also visited its coasts.

Russia found its Alaskan colonies were too far away from central Russia, and were not productive enough, so by the mid-1800s they wanted to sell the colony.

The USA submitted the highest bid, $25 million.

Russia's colonies were small, isolated coastal communities. Americans did explore Alaska's interior, particularly after Gold was discovered on the headwaters of Yukon River, but Alaska remains lightly settled, compared with other states in the United States.

Alaska and Hawaii were mere territories of the United States, until the US Congress agreed to grant them statehood, in 1959.

Resource extraction remains the main source of Alaska's income. There are extensive oil fields in Alaska's north, and in its coastal zone. Lumber and mining also provide income.