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Agri-Fab, Inc. is an American manufacturer of lawn and garden attachments located in Sullivan, Illinois. Agri-Fab operates a 350,000 sq ft () manufacturing facility[1] and, at peak season, employs nearly 400 employees in a town of 4,700 and in the surrounding 40-mile (64 km) area.


Agri-Fab currently produces a variety of tractor attachments.[2]

Its products consist primarily of different gardening tools, such as various types of lawn aerators, cultivators, and dethatchers. Aerators are used to loosen compacted soil and allow nutrients to be better absorbed into the soil.[3] They also help the grass roots grow deeper and the turf become thicker. Dethatchers are used to remove thatch, a layer of accumulating/slowly decomposing grass clippings, roots, grass stems, and debris that settle on the ground over time.[4]

Agri-Fab's main products, lawn sweepers, use rotating brushes to collect debris such as grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris and they are placed into a collection/hopper bag.[5]


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