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Abdullah Al Redwan Ponishare-verified.png
Who is Abdullah Al Redwan
Redwan in 2023
Born 2005/09/03
Sherpur, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Citizenship Bangladesh
Education Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology
Occupation Entrepreneur, Author, Web Developer,
Years active 2016–present
Known for Founder of Ocoxe
Height 167.64
Awards Best Web Hunter 2021

Abdullah Al Redwan (born September 3, 2005), known professionally as Redwiat, is a young Bangladeshi tech entrepreneur, author,[1] and programmer. He is the Founder and CEO of Ocoxe[2], a prominent technology company offering a wide array of digital solutions to individuals and businesses of all scales. Abdullah Al Redwan is also the visionary behind Tech Soldier, which has emerged as one of the most widely followed online tech blog websites.[3] He is a multifaceted professional.

Early Life and Education

Abdullah Al Redwan studied at Sherpur Government Victoria Academy, where he was enrolled in the Business Studies Department. His journey into the world of technology and digital skills began at a remarkably young age. In 2013, while in Class 3, he embarked on a self-guided learning path, using online resources such as Google and YouTube to acquire knowledge in coding, programming, and various internet-related skills.

Notably, a few days into his exploration, he initiated his first blog website named "Kipper Bangla," where he shared content that he had edited from other sources. However, as he matured in his understanding of ethical practices, he recognized the importance of content originality and decided to take a principled approach. Consequently, he made the conscientious choice to delete his previous websites and YouTube channels and began anew in his digital endeavours.


In 2015, while still in the fifth grade, Redwan embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by launching a fast-food website named "Unique Bengali." On this platform, he actively published daily fairy tales, and tutorial-style content in both Bengali and English, along with other engaging materials. However, he eventually decided to close the site and withdraw from the internet due to various challenges and issues.

In 2016, he ventured into the blogosphere with the creation of "PckaBD," a blog website that allowed him to explore his passion for content creation and sharing. Just one year later, in 2018, he took a significant step in the tech industry by founding Tech Soldier, which has since gained widespread recognition as one of the most popular online tech blog websites.

Building on his success, Redwan continued to expand his horizons. In 2021, he established Ocoxe, a prominent technology company that offers a diverse range of digital solutions to individuals and businesses of all scales. Ocoxe has rapidly emerged as one of the leading technology firms, providing comprehensive services to a broad spectrum of clients.

Notably, Redwan's expertise extends beyond entrepreneurship; he is also recognized as a professional business growth specialist and marketing expert who assists businesses in enhancing their digital presence. His consulting services have proven invaluable to various businesses seeking to thrive in the digital landscape.

In addition to his work with Ocoxe and Tech Solider, Redwiat has also written a book on Android development, titled Essay on Android Development Process from Scratch (2021)[4], which was published on Amazon and eBay.[5] [6][7]

Personal Life

Abdullah Al Redwan is an active presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Quora. His online engagement allows him to connect with a diverse audience and share his experiences and knowledge. Redwiat's contributions and achievements have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the awards he has received, including the prestigious "Best Web Hunter 2021."

Origin of the Name "Redwiat"

The name "Redwiat" holds a special significance, as it is a fusion of two elements: "Red," derived from half of his own name, Abdullah Al Redwan, and "Wiat," a unique combination of letters and words. This distinctive internet pseudonym was coined by Abdullah Al Redwan himself, serving as his digital identity and representation on the internet.


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