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This Associated Press article from 2006-03-06 reported on the 2006-03-03 publication of several thousand pages of CSR Tribunal transcripts on 2006-03-03. Approximately 350 transcripts were published, but the captives names were obfuscated from the transcripts for another year and a half.[1]

Several dozen captives had their names used in the transcripts themselves.[1]

isn name notes[1]
ISN 956 Abdul Ahmed
Abdul Ahmed was accused of recruiting for the Taliban beginning in 1996, but said he was forced into service.
ISN 1032 Abdul Ghaffar (Guantanamo detainee 1032)
Abdul Ghaffar of Shahawali Kot is accused of being the bodyguard of a person who killed a Red Cross worker in a March 2003 attack on a convoy...
ISN 1002 Abdul Matin (detainee)
Abdul Matin said he returned from Pakistan in 2002 because the new government called for Afghans to help rebuild the country.
ISN 874 Abdul Nasir (Guantanamo detainee 874)
Abdul Nasir was accused of being part of a group that attacked a base with Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns and a grenade launcher...
ISN 1030 Abdul Hafiz (Guantanamo detainee)
Abdul Qawi, identified by the United States as Abdul Hafiz, was accused of working for a Taliban militia and involvement in two killings.
ISN 561 Abdul Rahim Muslimdost
Abdul Rahim Muslimdost worked as a journalist in Pakistan. U.S. authorities accused him of being a member of an Islamic militant group.
ISN 357 Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman, a Pashtun from Kalat, said drought and other natural disasters forced him to move to Kunduz, where he ran a shop selling candy, tea and soap.
ISN 1043 Abdul Razak
Abdul Razak was minister of commerce in the Taliban government.
ISN 923 Abdul Razzaq
Abdul Razzaq of Kandahar, who worked for five months as a Taliban cook, allegedly was captured with a list of 24 military recruits for the Taliban.
ISN 670 Abdullah Hekmat
Abdullah Hekmat was accused of commanding the third police precinct in Mazar-e-Sharif under the Taliban and grabbing young men off the street to fight for the militant group.
ISN 950 Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan, an Afghan shopkeeper, said he was falsely identified as Khirullah Khairkhwa, the governor of Herat.
ISN 1100 Abdullah Mujahid
Abdullah Mujahid said was head of security for the city of Gardez and for Paktia province when he was arrested in July 2003 and accused of attacking U.S. forces. Mujahid also was accused of associating with al-Qaida, but said he aided coalition forces.
ISN 972 Alif Mohammed
Alif Mohammed was accused of having a satellite phone to orchestrate ambushes.
ISN 951 Allah Nasir
Allah Nasir, also identified as Nasrullah, an ethnic Tajik, allegedly worked in Herat for al-Wafa, a charity the U.S. military says has links to al-Qaida.
ISN 948 Anwar Khan
Anwar Khan, who was caught with identification documents with several names crossing the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, said he commutes between the two countries.
ISN 782 Awal Gul
Awal Gul, an alleged Taliban member, turned himself in to the Northern Alliance in Kabul on Feb. 10, 2002.
ISN 530 Dawd Gul
Dawd Gul denied being a member of al-Qaida or the Taliban.
ISN 3 Gholam Ruhani
Gholam Ruhani of Ghazni was accused of being a driver and clerk for the Taliban intelligence service.
ISN 626 Habib Noor
Habib Noor, a resident of Lalmai with family in Saudi Arabia, was accused of owning a compound that harbored attackers who ambushed U.S. special forces and Afghan soldiers in Khost province.
ISN 1001 Hafizullah Shabaz Khail
Hafizullah Shabaz Khail was accused of being a member of the Taliban and participating in military operations against the U.S. coalition.
ISN 965 Hafizullah Shah
Hafizullah Shah said he was a farmer from Galdon village who was arrested while walking to a bazaar.
ISN 987 Haji Ghalib
Haji Ghalib, who said he was a police chief under Afghan President Hamid Karzai, was suspected of collusion with the Taliban.
ISN 1119 Haji Hamidullah
Haji Hamidullah was accused of having ties to Hezb-e-Islami Gulhuddin.
ISN 1036 Haji Mohammed Akitar
Haji Mohammed Akitar said he was a high-ranking military officer before the Taliban took power, and later lived in Pakistan.
ISN 494 Haji Noorallah
Haji Noorallah, an ethnic Uzbek, is accused of commanding 100 Taliban fighters along the Afghanistan-Uzbekistan border.
ISN 953 Janat Gul
Janat Gul ran Afghanistan's Ariana Airline when the Taliban government was in power.
ISN 941 Juma Din
Juma Din denied being a main adviser to a leader of Hezb-e-Islami Gulhuddin, which the U.S. government calls a terrorist group linked to Osama bin Laden.
ISN 831 Kadir Khandan
Kadir Khandan, of Khost province, was accused of links to the Taliban and running a safehouse for an explosives-making cell.
ISN 460 Khan Zaman
Khan Zaman was allegedly captured with communications equipment, along with his nephew.
ISN 1052 Mahbub Rahman
Mahbub Rahman was accused of spying on American forces, shooting an Afghan soldier and two civilians, and being caught with two automatic rifles.
ISN 4 Maulaui Abdul-Haq Wasseq
Maulaui Abdul-Haq Wasseq said he was forced to join the Taliban, and during three years sometimes acted as deputy minister of intelligence to combat "thieves and bribes."
ISN 909 Mohabet Khan
Mohabet Khan, 18, said he had been at Guantanamo since he was 16.
ISN 1056 Mohammad Said
Mohammad Said, a 26-year-old storekeeper, was arrested with his father and brother.
ISN 1074 Mohammed Aman
Mohammed Aman, from the village of Malek Khil, said he worked for the defense department as a low-ranking personnel clerk with no ties to any party.
ISN 457 Mohammed Gul
Mohammed Gul, a farmer and gas station owner, was suspected of links to Taliban forces and Hezb-e-Islami Gulhuddin.
ISN 958 Mohammed Nasim
Mohammed Nasim, 55, of Warzai, said he was a poor farmer and denied commanding 25 Taliban fighters. He was detained Feb. 11, 2003.
ISN 835 Mohammed Rasoul
Mohammed Rasoul was accused of associating with the Taliban and participating in military operations against the U.S. Authorities believe he used a rocket launcher against American forces.
ISN 532 Mohammed Sharif
Mohammed Sharif, a native of Sheberghan, was accused of guarding a Taliban camp.
ISN 1004 Mohammed Yacoub
Mohammed Yacoub, who lost his left leg in a mortar attack in Kabul, acknowledged being part of the Taliban but denied fighting U.S. forces or being a guide for foreign fighters.
ISN 7 Mullah Mohammed Fazi
Mullah Mohammed Fazi confirmed he was a minor Taliban military leader of 50-100 fighters who surrendered in 2001.
ISN 1019 Naibullah Darwaish
Naibullah Darwaish was accused of being the Taliban-appointed police chief for Shinkai district in Afghanistan's Zabul province.
ISN 591 Qari Esmhatulla
Qari Esmhatulla said he was asked by Taliban officials to help them and fellow Pashto speakers ...
ISN 801 Saber Lal
Sabr Lal was accused of helping al-Qaida members elude coalition forces, a charge he denies.
ISN 945 Said Amir Jan
Said Amir Jan said he was minister of public benefits in the Karzai government ...
ISN 1154 Said Mohammed Ali Shah
Said Mohammed Ali Shah, from the village of Khwaja Hassam, lived as a refugee in Iran for more than two decades after the Russian invasion.
ISN 952 Shah Zada
Shah Zada said he was arrested in January 2003 with three others, including Abdullah Khan, who the United States believes was a Taliban spy.
ISN 914 Shardar Khan
Shardar Khan, who worked as a cook, was accused of training to be part of an infantry supporting an alleged al-Qaida cell leader named Samoud.
ISN 902 Taj Mohammed (Guantanamo captive 902)
Taj Mohammed, a goat herder, was accused of being a member of Lashkar-e-Tayyiba...
ISN 560 Wali Mohammad
Wali Mohammad said he was handed over to the Americans by Pakistani intelligence agents because he would not pay a bribe.
ISN 1010 Zahir Shah (unlisted Guantanamo captive)
Zahir Shah was accused of being a member of an Islamic militant group, Hezb-e-Islami, and of having automatic weapons and a grenade launcher in his house. He acknowledged having rifles, but insisted he did not fight American troops.


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