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Trickdiamond is a female Decepticon who forms a limb of Megatronia.


Unite Warriors

The scientist among the components of Megatronia, Trickdiamond was responsible for reviving Megaempress and giving her and their teammates the ability to combine. Equipped with the mighty Quake Shield, she can manipulate seismic forces to produce earthquakes; she also has numerous black market contacts including Swindle and the Quintessons. Trickdiamond is out only to advance herself, but lacks the foresight to see her schemes through successfully; rumors say she has even struck a bargain with Unicron.

Trickdiamond and her teammates-Megaempress, Moonheart, Flowspade, and Lunaclub-appeared in shadow after Lynxmaster defeated Grand Galvatron.


  • Unite Warriors Megatronia (2017)
Megatronia is a repaint of Combiner Wars Victorion, minus Rust Dust, and features all new characters. Trickdiamond is recolored from Jumpstream (both remolded from Breakdown). [1]