Thunder Arrow (Transformers)

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The Thunder Arrow is a Decepticon ship from Transformers: Victory, and the primary transportation and base of operations for the forces of Dezarus.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Thunder Arrow appears repeatedly in Victory, being employed by Dezarus and his minions, the Breast Force and Dinoforce, due to Deathsaurus' Fortress being trapped in the Dark Nebula by Star Saber.

The Thunder Arrow eventually docked with the fortress and was not utilized again prior to Deathsaurus' defeat; presumably it was consumed in the destruction of the fortress at the hands of Victory Saber.


  • Generation 1 Skystalker (1989)
A set version of the Thunder Arrow was featured with the Skystalker Micromaster figure.
  • Million Publishing Shouki (2014)
A repaint of Astrotrain; his spaceship mode is modeled after the Thunder Arrow, which is noted in his bio as a disguise.