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Scrounge is an Autobot from the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Marvel Comics

A highly unsuccessful Autobot spy who converted into a wheel and possessed a unique arm with sensors built into it, Scrounge had the misfortune of being captured by Straxus while investigating the disappearance of Spanner, a neutral scientist who was imprisoned at Straxus' fortress of Darkmount. Having discovered that Straxus had received a message from Shockwave on Earth, he recorded the message and attempted to escape with it only to be captured by Shrapnel and brought to Straxus. During his interrogation, his sensor arm was ripped from his body, but he refused to give up what he had learned and was consigned to Darkmount's smelting pool. Blaster arrived to aid him but Scrounge, already half dead, conveyed his information to Blaster before perishing.

Fun Publications

Multiple Scrounges-here a set of virtually identical Transformers who transform into "war wheels"-served under Blaster in building the Ark in the Transformers: Shattered Glass reality.

In the Fun Publications story I, Lowtech, a version of Scrounge appears who appears somewhat delusional is featured, at one point referring to himself as Emirate Xaaron and later claiming to have owned a Matrix.


  • Generations Combiner Wars Computron with Scrounge and Cybaxx (2016)
Scrounge received a toy form in the Combiner Wars toy line where he was recolored from Legends Cosmos; he also gained a partner named Cybaxx who was recolored from Cosmos' Targetmaster partner, Payload.