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FansToys character
FansToys Quakewave box
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FT-03, FT-03T, FT-03C
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Quakewave is a fictional character and third-party Transformer created by FansToys in 2013 as an homage to the 1984 Transformer Shockwave in Masterpiece scale.

Fictional biography

Quakewave is a master strategist and war commander, weaving Machiavellian schemes to advance his evil agenda. Ruled by callous, detached logic, his complex machinations pay no heed to collateral damage, pain or suffering. He possesses neither empathy nor emotion, but nevertheless sates a twisted curiosity through indiscriminate torture and cruel experimentation on foe and friend alike.

As a space gun, Quakewave emits energy waves that, visible only through distortion, undermine the structural integrity of solid objects or living tissue and cause them to fail. The net effect is that walls crumble and explode, metals bend and contort, and flesh shears and organs will erupt.

Loyal to cause and master, Quakewave survived 4 million years through loyalty first to self. He appreciates but does not truly understand the charisma wielded by his master, nor how it inspires while he carries out his logical scheme alone. He fails to comprehend that self-sacrifice, courage, and honor are not always weaknesses, and can be thwarted through high risk tactics he finds illogical.


Quakewave is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Shockwave created by FansToys.

Other third-party Transformer homages to Shockwave include Mastermind Creations Cyclops, TFC Toys Phantom of Screamer Set and Mech IDeas Longblast.


FT-03 Quakewave was announced in July 2012.

Concept images of FT-03 were released in December 2012. They stated it would cost about $150 and was due for release in February 2013.[1]

FT-03 Quakewave was released in February 2013.

Promotional photos for the Dr. Wu P-38C weapon depicted it being held by Quakewave.

Reissue of FT-03 with darker color, toy version FT-03T and limited translucent FT-03C were announced in April 2015.

FT-03T was released in November 2015.


In the WTF@TFW podcast for December 7th, 2012 Seth selected FT-03 as one of the New Picture Picks.[2]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for December 14th, 2012 the hosts talked about images of the Quakewave prototype.[3]

In the Radio Free Cybertron podcast for December 26th, 2012 FT-03 was one of the topics for discussion. They commented it could be recolored into the Radio Shack version of the toy.[4]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for January 1st, 2013 discussed Quakewave in the news.[5]

In the Radio Free Cybertron podcast for January 30th, 2013 new images of Quakewave were mentioned in the third-party roundup.[6]

The Back from the 80s podcast for February 2nd, 2013 talked about Fanstoys Quakewave in the news.[7]

Quakewave was received positively. The toy was praised for its high quality and generous use of diecast metal. Quakewave was the first third-party toy intended to scale with Takara's Masterpiece line.

Quakewave sold very well on his initial runs, so much that the toy commanded an extremely impressive amount on the secondary retail market, with a good condition Quakewave toy going for as much as $400 in some instances.

In 2015, a third run was announced, but the recent reveal of an official Masterpiece Shockwave impacted Quakewave's sales badly, with many choosing to purchase the official offering instead.

Nonetheless, Quakewave is still held in high regard by many collectors.


  • FansToys FT-03 Quakewave (2013)

Quakewave is a homage to the character of Generation 1 Shockwave. He transforms into a space ray gun and back. He includes battery powered LEDs in his gun hand and eye.

His hose is prone to cracking over time.

  • Fanstoys FT-03 Quakewave (reissue) (2015)

A reissue by Fanstoys, this time cast in a darker, more cartoon accurate plastic. His hose has been redesigned, now being thicker and ribbed to prevent cracking. This new hose seems to take inspiration from Shockwave's appearance in the 2011 live action film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He includes an alternate forearm piece, so the location of the hose can be moved to the bottom of Quakewave's arm, for a more cartoon accurate look. Previously, Quakewave owners had to purchase the forearm piece separately. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of his gun light up gimmick.

  • Fanstoys FT-03T Quakewave (reissue) (2015)

A reissue by Fanstoys, in an even darker plastic, intended to resemble Shockwave's Generation 1 toy appearance.



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