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Dr. Wu P-38 concept art
Created by Dr. Wu
Genre Science Fiction

The P-38 is a fictional weapon and third-party Transformer accessory made by Dr. Wu in 2013.

Dr. Wu

The P-38 is a third-party Transformer weapon released by Dr. Wu in 2013. It comes in two different colors. It resembles the alternate mode of the Classic Megatron toy in gun mode.

This toy is similar to an abandoned FansProject accessory which also looked like Classic Megatron's gun mode.[1]


Renderings of the P-38 were posted to the Meteor Operations Facebook page in August 2012.[2]

The P-38 was released in April 2013.


  • Dr. Wu P-38C (2013)
The chrome edition is colored to match United Megatron.
  • Dr. Wu P-38U (2013)
The US edition is colored to match Classic Megatron.



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