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Ped is a Worm-like Decepticon from the Robots in Disguise animated series.


Animated series

An inmate of the Alchemor, Ped suffered from insecurity resulting from other Decepticons regarding him as nothing but a lowly "botworm," and set out to remedy the situation on Earth by collecting all of the Alcehmor's scattered Energon cubes. With sharp claws, electrical mandibles, digging abilities, and the ability to become a truck, he amassed quite a cache before running afoul of Bumblebee's team of Autobots, who were joined by the visiting Jazz. He proved more than a match for the Autobots despite the addition of Jazz, forcing them to lure him to Denny Clay's scrapyard in an effort to recapture him. Ped was able to trap several Autobots in a large pit, but Sideswipe and Jazz were able to defeat him by playing on his fears and were able to trap him in a Stasis pod.

Ped is voiced by Eddie Deezen.