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Astro Station
Mego Astro Station box
Affiliation Micronauts
References Micronauts

The Micronauts Astro Station (Conning Station in Japan) is a fictional vehicle in the Micronauts series introduced in 1976.


The Astro Station is a vehicle in the Micronauts series.


The Conning Station was released by Takara in 1975.

The Astro Station was released by Mego in 1976. It was also released by Airfix and Pin Pin Toys.

In 2018 several part for the Astro Station were released on Shapeways by Mathew Robert Ignash.


1979 Marvel Comics

The Astro Station takes off in Micronauts issue 4 by Marvel Comics

The Astro Station is one of the vehicles housed in the Micronauts ship Endeavor. The capsule included with the Station was depicted as where Commander Rann was kept in suspended animation in the story.

The Micronauts frequently traveled in the Astro Station when on Earth. It first appeared in issue 4.

In issue 48 the Bioship recreated the Astro Station, Hydro Copter and Star Searcher in it's vehicle bay from the memories of Arcturus Rann.

2003 Image Comics

An Astro Station was seen among Baron Karza's fleet in Micronauts Karza number 4 by Image Comics.

2016 IDW Publishing

In Micronauts First Strike issue 1 Acroyear, Biotron, Microtron, Orbital Defender and Space Glider fought the Dire Wraiths and traveled in the Astro Station while on Earth. They were then attacked by Rom who mistook them for Dire Wraiths.[1]

2018 Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space

Astro Station appeared in the 2018 art series Micronauts Protectors of Inner Space by Brian Vox. It formed the Rescue Pod with Biotron and Microtron.


  • Takara Microman Conning Station (1975)
  • Mego Micronauts Astro Station (1976)
A remold of the Takara Microman Conning Station with rubber tipped missiles. One of the guns is also wider to accommodate these missiles.
The instructions for this vehicle depicted the Takara Microman M111 Bobson mold figure piloting it, despite that figure not being part of the Micronauts line.
This toy was to be was recolored into the Inter-Changeables C.E.D.M. The Neutron Missile Gun was recolored for the Hyperion. The Ray Wave Missile Gun was recolored for the foreign release of the Eagle Force Talon Tank, called the Carro Armato Artiglio.
This toy was to be recolored into the unreleased Buck Rogers Star Shuttle.[2]
A seat was to be recolored for the unreleased Iguanos. The Ray Wave Missile Gun was to be recolored into the launcher for the unreleased Lords of Light Cosmic Raider and Hyper Flyte.
  • Airfix Micronauts Astro Station (1978)
A European release of the toy.
  • Pin Pin Toys Micronauts Astro Station
A release of the Mego toy in France by Pin Pin Toys.
  • Hasbro Micronauts Classic Collection (2016)
A SDCC 2016 exclusive box set containing a green plastic Galactic Warrior, a grey Orbital Defender (formerly called the Galactic Defender) and blue Pharoid with two winglets and Time Chamber.
The Time Chamber featured the original Japanese writing.
Inside the box the figures are attacked to a cardboard display which looks like a miniature version of the Astro Station.
Features art by Ken Kelly. The box art for Pharoid features him wearing the larger wings from the Palisades version of Pharoid which were not part of this set.



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