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Amory Smith Ponishare-verified.png
Born May 20, 2001 (2001-05-20) (age 23)
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Former Basketball Player
Organization AMORYUS

Amory Smith was born on 20 May 2001 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States. He is an American Entrepreneur, Fashion Art Designer and Former Basketball Player. He graduated from Princess Anne High School (The same School Pharrell Williams Attended and Graduated)

Career & LifeStyle

Amory Smith (2020 PG 6-1 160) is one of those players. Last year he attended and played basketball for Bayside High School averaging 15 points per game. He recently spoke with recruit757 on his excitement about joining the Cavaliers. He is also a player who should have a major impact this year in the 757.[1]

In January 2021, Amory Started a clothing Brand AMORYUS.

AMORYUS was created to encourage those who are stuck in poverty but sees a bigger picture and dreams outside of their neighborhoods. everything that’s created within this brand will be pure and rich. With that being said to those who are in poverty, CHASE YOUR DREAM .. remember you are rich within.

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