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Type Healthcare compliance solutions
Founded 2016
Headquarters Clearwater, Florida, United States
Website abyde.com

Abyde is a healthcare compliance solutions provider offering innovative software and personalized support to medical practices and healthcare providers across the United States.[1][2][3] It empowers healthcare organizations to maintain compliance, streamline operations, and focus on providing patient care.[4]


Founded in 2016 by visionary entrepreneurs in Clearwater, Florida, Abyde began its journey to revolutionize the compliance landscape, particularly emphasizing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.[3][5][6] Recognizing the complexities healthcare providers face in maintaining compliance, the co-founders set out to create an accessible, cost-effective solution.

Features and services

Abyde offers a range of features and services that aid healthcare organizations in easily maintaining compliance:

  • One of its key features is automated Risk Analysis, which ensures compliance assessment to meet requirements for MIPS and MACRA incentives.[7]
  • Abyde also provides Audit Protection, offering support throughout the audit process.[7]
  • The platform's Customized Policy Generation feature dynamically generates documentation. This helps organizations meet their specific compliance.[7]
  • Abyde further supports healthcare organizations with Educational Resources. These resources include materials such as videos, quizzes, and other educational content.[7]


Abyde has fostered collaborations with various industry partners to enhance its compliance offerings and extend its reach within the healthcare community. These partnerships include:

  • Kaizen Tech Group: A strategic collaboration aimed at assisting independent dental practices in achieving and sustaining HIPAA compliance.[8]
  • Premier People Services: This partnership enhances compliance offerings for independent healthcare practices, further fortifying their regulatory adherence.[9]
  • HR for Health: A nationwide partnership that enables healthcare practices to access compliance solutions.[1]
  • Eyefinity: Abyde strengthened its partnership with Eyefinity in 2022, reinforcing its commitment to providing compliance solutions.[10]
  • Greenway Health Marketplace: Abyde's HIPAA compliance software has become an integral part of the marketplace, offering health IT solutions.[11]
  • Association of DSOs: Collaborated to provide specialized HIPAA compliance solutions tailored to the needs of Dental Support Organizations.[12]
  • California Dental Association: A strategic partnership focused on delivering HIPAA compliance solutions to dental care professionals.[13]
  • Identillect: A strategic alliance that aims to elevate compliance solutions through advanced technologies and expertise.[14]

Awards and recognition

Abyde has received several accolades and recognitions within the healthcare industry:

  • Awarded "Best in Class Compliance Solution" at the Medical Association of Georgia's Innovation Shark Tank, highlighting Abyde's contribution to the field.[15]
  • Recognized as one of the "Best Places to Work" in 2023 by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, reflecting the company's commitment to a positive work environment.[2]
  • Honored as a "Fast 50 honoree" by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, underscoring Abyde's growth and contributions to the Tampa Bay business ecosystem.[16]
  • Named among the honorees at the “2023 Inno Awards”, further underlining its commitment to innovation and progress within the Tampa Bay community.[17]


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