Wrecktifier (Lost Protectors)

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Lost Protectors character
Wrecktifier render
Created by

Play With This Too
Aliases The Dark Beast
Species Unknown


The Anti-Protector


Wrecktifier is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Grimlock and Trypticon made by Play With This Too. He is a powerful evil villain.

Lost Protectors

Wrecktifier is a character created by Play With This Too for their Lost Protectors series. He is an evil mirror-image of Boneyard. His sword/rifle is called The Denier, a Bonesnapper axe and he carries a Tri-Horn Rampart shield which can reflect energy attacks. He has a Tech Drone companion named D-Stroy who turns from humanoid robot to robotic dinosaur. While D-Stroy is not possessed by a demon imp, he is programmed to be evil.


Wrecktifier's body design is inspired by Pretender Grimlock, while his colors are inspired by Trypticon and Shattered Glass Grimlock. D-Stroy's colors are inspired by Overkill.

Boneyard, Wastelander and Wrecktifier were among the stretch goals for the unsuccessful 2015 Lost Protectors Kickstarter campaign. They were to be unlocked if the campaign raised at least $420,000.[1]

In July 2015 Play With This Too released images the prototype for Boneyard and announced the design for the Tech Drone would be more like Microns.

Play With This Too revealed a color render of Wrecktifier on their Facebook page in August 2015, which changed his skin from black with white around the mouth and eyes to having translucent skin with glitter.

Wrecktifier was one of the ten initial figures available as a reward for the unsuccessful Boneyard & Jetstrike Action Figures Kickstarter campaign, which began in September 2015.[2] During the campaign orange accents were added to his armor.

In May 2017 Play With This Too posted an early color guide of Wrecktifier on Twitter.[3]


The Cybercast podcast for March 7th, 2015 interviewed Rik Alvarez. He spoke about the Lost Protectors Kickstarter. They discussed the Head Shots, Head Stands, Bloodbath, Boneyard, Desolataur and Wrecktifier. They revealed the character of Wastelander on the show.[4]

The Retro Robot Radio show for September 19th, 2015 talked about Faststrike, Stonebreaker and Wrecktifier in the news.[5]

Fictional biography

Wrecktifier is a broken reflection version of Boneyard. He is possibly a warlord or a terror unknown. He wears a living Aegis battle suit powered by the primal forces of the universe. It grants him enhanced strength, durability and longevity. His suit also provides ultraviolet vision, breathable air and protection from harsh environmental conditions including under water and the vacuum of space. His weapons include his sword/rifle combination called The Denier, a Bonesnapper axe and a Tri-Horn Rampart shield which can reflect energy attacks. He has a Tech Drone companion named D-Stroy.


  • Play With This Too Lost Protectors Wrecktifier (unreleased)
A 1:12 scale articulated figure with interchangeable head and limbs. He has numerous 5mm connector ports. Comes with an alternate "robot" head, two sets of hands (one open, one closed with claws), helmet, two shoulder pads, two leg armors, an arm guard, an axe, rifle, sword and dinosaur head/shield. He a 5mm hole in the bottom of each foot.
The Wrecktifier body works well with the Blackjack head.
Wrecktifier shares most of the molding with Boneyard, Gladiat-Ore, Stonebreaker and Wastelander.
Some parts on Wrecktifier are also used on Barbaricles, Baron Tuskador, Cloudstrike, Coleopterous, Concept, Faststrike, Flarestrike, Impirator, Jetstrike, Manvil Forgehead, Meanbean, Muscules, Rawbat, Sir Fangramore LeVenomous, Sir Pythanore, Stormstrike and Viper Squire.
In the initial Kickstarter campaign Wrecktifier came with a Tech Drone named D-Stroy, who turned from humanoid robot to robot dinosaur. He shares a mold with R-Turn who turns from humanoid robot to robotic dinosaur. He a 3mm hole in the bottom of each foot.



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