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Schools Paging System | University Wireless Paging Solutions: Students and educators should always have a straight connection with the school administration, to get important news and notifications. A paging system makes this possible and convenient.

School paging system

Dr. Jerome Joseph

Dr Jerome Joseph is the CEO, of The Brand Theatre Worldwide/GBA. He is an award-winning Brand & Customer Experience Strategist and a global speaker focused on Brand Strategy, Brand Engagement, Internal Branding, Personal Branding and Branded Customer Experience. He was also on the Executive Board of The Marketing Group PLC as their Global Head for Brand Consulting. He is acknowledged as a Global Brand Guru on the Top 30 Global Gurus list and is ranked No 2 in the world. He is a bestselling Author of 8 books on Branding. He has worked with over 1000 brands, in the past 23 years and in 34 countries. He is a global thought leader on Branding and besides consulting, is a highly rated business motivation speaker hired for high impact keynotes and transformative workshops. Jerome is the best selling author of 8 books on Branding: The Brand Theatre; Staging Extraordinary Branded Customer Experiences Book & WorkBook, Turn Me On: A guide to Personal Branding Book & WorkBook & Internal Branding: Growing your Brand from Within plus his new book: The Brand Playbook released Nov 2018.

• Awarded CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation which is held by the top 12% speakers in the world as an award for speaking expertise. Was the 2nd Singapore to achieve this.

• Awarded Global Speaking Fellow in 2015 as the 2nd Singaporean to earn this award and the 30th speaker to achieve this globally. This award is for speakers who have spoken across the Globe and demonstrates high degree of speaking expertise and cultural awareness in global markets. As of the award, Jerome Joseph has spoken in 34 countries and counting.

• Recognised as a Global Brand Guru in the Top 30 Global Brand Gurus list in 2018. He is ranked No.2 globally in 2020. He is the only Asian from Asia to be on this list of global thought leaders.

• Awarded PMC (Professional Management Consultant). This is a designation by SBACC for practising management consultants who showcase & demonstrate high standards in consulting.