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Al Bakin Tushar Ponishare-verified.png
Native name আল বাকিন তুষার
Born Tushar
27th September 1997
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education in Computer Science & Engineering (AIUB)
Occupation Author
Years active 2016 to present
Known for The most known author in Bangladesh
Height 5 fit 3 inches
Religion Muslim
Parents Sufia Begum
Md. Abdus Salam

Al Bakin Tushar (Bengali:আল বাকিন তুষার); born 1 January 1997), [1] is a Bangladeshi Author. [2] He is the most know author in bangladesh. [3] As well as he is the founder & ceo of Home Idea.



Alauddin Ador started his career with Writing. For the time being he runs a company called Home Idea.

This is The largest consultancy farm in bangladesh Which has been created More Then Two Hundred nice sight house. He is Promise social worker.He is currently the President of the Social Welfare Foundation(SWF) Of Bangladesh. He is always engaged in the service of humanity. Alauddin Ador is a promising emerging young poet. He has already published three books of poetry.A wonderful children's story written by him.He has a widely read research book.

Author Alauddin Ador Releashed his 4th book in 2020 Amor Ekushey Book Fair the books name was " সময়ের শিলালিপি (Somoyer Shilalipi) " and The first children's story book " রাজকন্য ও ফুলপরী (Rajkonna & Fulpori) " [4] [5] [6] It will be possible to purchase books in Rokomari (রকমারি). [7]

Author Alauddin Ador says in view of his book ‘সাহিত্যে নোবেল:ভেতর বাহির’ ("Nobel in literature : vhitor bahir") that The drama surrounding the Nobel Prize seems to never end. This award has piqued the interest of everyone who is aware of it. The " ভেতর বাহির (vhitor bahir)" was his first প্রবন্ধগ্রন্থ (Article). The book was published by Priyo Bangla Prakashan, a reputed publishing organization in Dhaka. The author won the প্রিয় বাংলা পাণ্ডুলিপি পুরস্কার’১৮ (Priyo Bangla Manuscript Award '18) for his book. [8]

Sung in the year 2018 by Vocalist Abid Azam's ghazal "খুশির চাঁদ (khusir chad)" [9] with Ramadan, Organized by Prosenjit Ojha " আহলান সাহলান ইয়া রামাদান, খোদার রহমে ভরে দাও প্রাণ (Ahlan Sahlan Ya Ramadan, Khōdār Rahamē Bharē Dā'ō Prāṇ) " Which was written by Author Alauddin Ador.

In 2019 Alauddin Adar's second book of poetry "এক টুকরো হৃদয়" ('A Piece of Heart' ) has come to the Book Fair. [10] The book has been published on the cover of Himel Haque by Dadrikma Prakashani. The book will be available at the publishing stall at the book fair.


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