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Could you please be more careful...

You started the Thames Infotech article from somewhere.

At least part of that article seems to have been ported from the Wikipedia. Any article that contains material from the wikipedia really should bear a {{wp-cca}} tag at the top, and have a section on Talk:Thames Infotech listing all the Wikipedia contributors who worked on it. This is required to comply with the license under which Wikipedia contributors release their intellectual property.

You also used templates supported on the Wikipedia, and not supported here. Please don't do that. I removed them.

{{Infobox organization}} is not supported here, but the similar {{Infobox Company}} is, so I used that.

Like on the Wikipedia, articles written for wikialpha are usually written in the third person. Portions of this article seem to be written in the first person, as if they were copied and pasted from Thames Infotech official pages. On the Wikipedia this would trigger speedy deletion over copyright violation. Copyright violation is also discouraged here, too. See Wikialpha:Criteria for speedy deletion. Geo Swan (talk) 12:50, 28 March 2021 (UTC)