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VQA2K1 Blue badge.png
Native name Tuyên Quang
Born Vũ Quốc Anh
13 November 2001 (2001-11-13) (age 22)
Tuyên Quang, Việt Nam
Occupation Rapper, Lyricist, Record producer Creative director Musical artist YouTuber
Years active 2016–present

Vũ Quốc Anh better known as VQA2K1 is an independent Vietnam rapper from Tuyên Quang, Vietnam . His most of lyrics are society based and on social issues which he use in his music to wake up the public from dream neglect. That's why he became notable through social media platforms, his maximum songs are in pure Urdu language . He use daily routine words/slang which connect the local listeners with his music and most of the time his music gives motivation to listeners.

Career & Life Style

VQA2K1 was born on 13 November 2001 in Tuyen Quang, Viet Nam. From the start, he developed a handsome connection between him and deep meaningful poetry/Gazal. He was at the age of 13 years when he writes his first Gazal and performs it in a school function. That was his first interaction with the audience and from This, the boy decided to chose some other way too, to convey messages behind his poetry. Because he belonged to the slums area which is now developed properly. But at that time it was very difficult to choose a proper attention taker hobby/passion for rising kid except for studies. But he shares his ideas with his parents and also shows them some of his work. They thought that this is just his temporary mindset idea so, they didn’t take it seriously and allow him to do but advise him to always made his studies the first priority. At the start, he made random poetry videos and posts them on YouTube using random channels. After some time he starts taking interest in Hip-hop music and write his first song using his poetry skills and start to keep studying online about music-making Mixing producing etc. At the age of 15years, he learned almost everything about music development(Vocal processing, music producing, etc) by only using the support of the internet. He also starts earning at this age by giving his services online.

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