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My various ideas, primarily Transformers based.

Prime Wars: Armies Forming

The following takes place in a reality where events transpired largely as seen in The Transformers but with the inclusion of elements such as the Thirteen Primes.

The second Golden Age of Cybertron was not a peaceful one for long, it is sad to say. True, Galvatron and the majority of the Decepticons had been driven into deep space aboard Zarak's Scorponok Transtector, and the Plasma Energy Chamber had restored power to the long-drained Cybertron. Moreover, the humans of Earth had provided the Autobots with a new team of Combiner components, the Trainbots via their Project: Raiden. These new Transformers were soon given life through Vector Sigma, which Optimus Prime was able to activate using the Matrix of Leadership's cell to awaken the Spark of Alpha Trion, who also revived several fallen Autobots. For a time, these new Autobots enjoyed a peaceful existence on their revitalized homeworld after it was moved back to its proper coordinates, while ties were reopened with Cybertronian colonies like the lost Paradron.

Sadly, it wasn't long before Galvatron made his way to Cybertron, with his forces expanded and steadily increasing due to his recruitment efforts among the stars. In his wanderings he had found the colony worlds as well, and among their inhabitants were Decepticon sympathizers, would be conquerors who jumped at the chance to expand their resources, and even those who saw his return as a sign of the Decepticons' eventual destiny to rule over the universe. Impatient as always, Galvatron waited not for his allies to join him in force but launched a surprise attack on Cybertron, seeking to seize the home plant of the Transformer race for himself once again. However, his anticipated advantage was a thing of imagination: word of his return brought Fortress Maximus and the Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters back from Nebulos to counter their Decepticon counterparts, while Raiden and Omega Supreme served to counter the Decepticon Combiners alongside Superion, Defensor, and Computron. Furious, Galvatron engaged Optimus in an epic duel, only to be carried from the struggle gravely wounded.

Unfortunately, Galvatron's fall precipitated the rise of an even greater threat, as Shockwave-newly emerged after disappearing during Unicron's attack on Cybertron-led a team of Decepticons in tending to their fallen leader. Shockwave's twisted mind took advantage of the damage to fragment Galvatron's injured Spark, having discovered that a clash between his present and past identities had provoked much of his madness. The largest of the two fragments of Galvatron's split Spark was placed within a new, more powerful frame and reassumed its former identity: Megatron was thus reborn. Meanwhile, the broken body of Galvatron and the Spark fragment within it were too badly damaged to be repaired, and the Spark was too weak to sustain itself in a new body. As such, Shockwave incorporated the Spark and components into volunteer Cyclonus, who together with the rebuilt Thrust and new recruits Terrorsaur, Offroad, and Roller gave the weakened fragment of Galvatron new life as Galvatronus.

With news of Galvatronus and the arrival of the Star Seekers and Tidal Wave standing in opposition to the might of Omega Supreme, Optimus Prime decided to take a page out of his enemies' book. Two new Autobot Combiner teams were thus formed: Optimus recruited Mirage, the revived Ironhide, Sunstreaker, and the revived Prowl to join him as Optimus Maximus, while Sky Lynx took command of his egotistically named Lynxmasters-Hound, Trailbreaker, the revived Ratchet, and the revived Wheeljack-to form Sky Reign. The threats of Galvatronus and Predaking were thus checked, and the Decepticons stymied-but only temporarily. Megatron soon turned to a new ally, the Six Changer Gigatron, which added Ruination and Battle Gaia to his ranks. The Autobots were only saved by Optimus' own timely alliance with the Autobots under Fire Convoy, which expanded the Autobot Combiner ranks to include Guard City, Rail Racer, and Landfill.

With the combatants and resources of Cybertron, Earth, Nebulos, and Chaar already pledged to the conflict, the Autobots and Decepticons had to look elsewhere for new allies. Fortunately, the Autobots were soon rejoined by many of the female Autobots, including Elita One and her forces, who had fled Cybertron in the years when the Decepticons tightened their grip on the planet prior to Unicron's attack. Among these new allies were the mighty Victorion; however, the female Autobots were followed by the female Decepticons, a dangerous faction that had waged a secretive war with them for eons. At the head of this group stood Elita's nemesis, Megaempress, whose elite bodyguard could unite with her to form Megatronia. Thus even as Optimus Prime was reunited with his beloved, so Megatron was reunited with his, with the female Decepticons adding an upgraded and Spark-granted Nightbird to their ranks.

Lured by the promise of power, the components of Monstructor-the Monster Pretenders-came to pledge themselves to Megatron, as did Magmatron and his Dinoforce with the mighty Dinoking. They would be followed by Dezarus, leader of the Destrons, whose minions could either form the mighty Liokaiser or join with him to form an alternative Combiner, Kaiser Zarus. Fortunately, Dezarus' entrance into the conflict drew after him the Autobot warrior Star Saber, whose forces included the Multiforce and Brainmasters, capable of forming Landcross and Road Caesar. The defeat of the monstrous Thunderwing allowed the Mayhem Attack Squad to secure his Matrix of Malice, which granted them the power to form the insane Combiner Thunder Mayhem. To counter this, Emirate Xaaron called upon Primus to reshape him into the Matrix of Benevolence, which granted Impactor and the Wreckers the ability to form Dauntless.

A new alliance of tyranny soon joined the Decepticons: Overlord of Planet X and a warrior from Animatros who had named himself Galvatron after hearing of the Decepticon leader's fall. Their forces included three new Combiners-King Poseidon, Piranacon, and God Neptune-as well as a number of renegades including the errant doctor Medix and Bluestreak, brother of the fallen Silverstreak. These two, together with the mentally unstable Counterpunch, the Predacon Fractyl, and the monstrous Toxitron, could unite to form a hideous construct known as Wreckage.

The Combiners were not the only giants to enter the conflict, nor was it limited to Omega Supreme, Fortress Maximus, Scorponok, and Tidal Wave; the bitter foes Metroplex and Trypticon joined the conflict with full fury as well. The Decepticons also recovered and reprogrammed a Guardian Robot as Omega Sentinel, who was matched by the Autobot giant Galaxy Shuttle. Even greater Titans joined the growing battle, including Fortress Maximus' "younger brother" Grand Maximus and Metroplex's dark doppelganger, Metrotitan. Galvatron's forces produced an improved model of Trypticon known as Gigastorm, while the Autobots were joined by the noble champion of Gigantion, Big Bang. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Big Bang is intended here as an amalgam of the unused Transformers: Battlestars Autobot and the Trypticon-sized incarnation of Broadside conceived for but subsequently dropped from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron).

Galvatron's departure from Animatros did not go unnoticed, and his foes Lio Convoy and Big Convoy soon brought their Maximals to join the Autobot ranks with Grimstone, Volcanicon, Magnaboss, Firewing, Icebolt, and Tripledacus. Their arrival was well-timed, as the Tripredacus Council-whom the Jointrons had named their combined form in mockery of-joined the Decepticon ranks, reformatting Ravage to join them in their improved Combiner form, Predacus. Worse yet, a Decepticon warlord named Megazarak appeared on the scene, bringing with him the foul Dominus Trannis and a repaired Starscream, who combined with former comrades to form Megascream. In answer to this latest Decepticon threat, Ultra Magnus formed a new Elite Guard-also consisting of Rodimus, Alpha Bravo, Smokescreen, and the Maximals Tigatron and Unit-3-to form the mighty Ultra Prime.

The array of evil threatening Cybertron was all but completed with the addition of Megatronus, the Liege Maximo, and Logos Prime, whose threat prompted the other members of the Thirteen to emerge and join the Autobots. This would see the addition of one more Combiner to the Autobot side: Nexus Prime, the original Combiner himself. Sadly, the Decepticons were joined by a horrific final Combiner of their own: Grand Scourge, with his core formed by a dimension-hopping incarnation of Nemesis Prime. His components included an alternate version of Combaticon Blast Off who transformed into a jet; an alternate Starscream with a partly solid, partly ghostly form; an alternate incarnation of Breakdown; and a deranged version of Ratchet from a dark Mirror universe.

Thus was the stage set...for the Prime Wars.

  • I borrowed a name used for Elita 1's Autobot group; it seemed more fitting for a group of female Decepticons.


  • Optimus Maximus-Galvatronus
  • Ultra Prime-Megascream (fused with Sixwing?)
  • Raiden-Devastator
  • Superion-Menasor
  • Defensor-Bruticus
  • Sky Reign-Predaking
  • Computron-Abominus
  • Road Caesar (fused with Sixturbo?)-Liokaiser
  • Landcross-Dinoking
  • Victorion-Megatronia
  • Volcanicon-King Poseidon
  • Grimstone-Piranacon
  • Firewing-Monstructor
  • Icebolt-Wreckage
  • Magnaboss-Predacus
  • Tripledacus-God Neptune
  • Guard City-Battle Gaia
  • Rail Racer (fused with Sixtrain?)-Dominus Trannis (fused with Sixliner?)
  • Landfill (fused with Sixbuilder?-Ruination
  • Nexus Prime-Grand Scourge

Beast Wars: Victory

As Lio Convoy and his crew of Maximals battle the Predacon forces under Galvatron, a mysterious temporal anomaly brings unexpected guests to the conflict: the Decepticons under Deszaras and the Autobots under Star Saber! While all of the younger Transformers are in awe at these figures of legend, none are more so than Galvatron, who is himself the heir to Deszaras! Now with the opportunity to avert his predecessor's failure by destroying Star Saber before he defeats Deszaras for good, Galvatron unites his forces with the Decepticons; the expanded force even includes the previously fallen warriors Deathcobra and Black Lio Convoy, the latter upgraded into the mighty Galva Convoy. But they have their work cut out for them, as they must challenge the united forces of Autobots and Maximals, including the wandering warriors Greatshot and Star Upper! But the villains have another ace up their sleeve...and even Flash Lio Convoy might not be powerful enough to defeat Nemesis Leo and Dark Saber*!