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The Tripledacus is a fictional character from the Transformers series.

Beast Wars Second

Transformers character
Tripledacus and the individual Jointrons
Name Tripledacus
Series Beast Wars Second
Japanese voice actor Ryu Naito
Alternate modes 3 Maximals
Function Combination Giant (Takara), Warrior (IDW Publishing)
Motto "Tyranny cannot topple those who stand united against it."
Rank 8
Sub-group Combiners, Jointrons

In Beast Wars Second, Tripledacus is a combiner team. Its component parts, a lobster (Gimlet), a Japanese rhinoceros beetle (Motorarm) and a cicada (DJ).

The Jointron have a tendency to mix in bad Spanish language phrases and to have certain affinity for Mexican culture, as they are sometimes wearing sombreros and playing maracas.

The combined form of DJ, Motorarm and Gimlet. Taller than even Galvatron and practically a match for Lio Convoy in abilities, he only lacks in mobility. His right hand is the Triple Blaster, an all-purpose gun formed from the union of the three Jointrons' weapons. It can slice a tank into thirds, or fire its Seven-Year Sword missiles to sink a battleship 4 km away. His left hand is composed of Motorarm's Magma Horns, which melt whatever they touch.

Animated series

The Jointron Bothers first appear in episode #14, "The Combined Giant, Tripledacus " where their ship crashes on the planet. Upon arriving on Gaea the Jointrons briefly fight Bighorn, Diver, Tasmanian Kid, Starscream and BB. After chasing away the Predacons the Tripledacus notice the remaining mechs are Maximals and become friends with them. Later, when Tripledacus confronts Megastorm, Starscream and BB the Maximals arrive to chase the Predacons away from their new ally.

The Jointron Bothers appear in episode #15, "The Festive Jointrons", where they throw a party with the Maximals which is invaded by Dirge and Thrust. They are able to get the Predacons to party, who end up getting drunk. They later fight the Predacons Autoroller and Autostinger, combining into Tripledacus to overpower them. The Jointrons then return to partying.

The Jointrons then appear in episode #16, "A Fearsome Combination Plan?" where they fight Starscream and BB.

The Jointrons appear in episode #17, "Who Is the Leader!?" where they are captured by the Predacons but then rescued by the Maximals.

The Jointron Brothers appear in Beast Wars: Super Lifeform Transformers Special segment "Lio Convoy Crisis". In this episode the Jointron Brothers fight the Seacons.[1]

IDW Publishing

Tripledacus had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[2] In this book it is established that the Jointrons purposely made his form a mockery of the Predacon Tripredacus.

Morotarm and Gimlet have small cameos in Beast Wars: The Ascending #4 as rioting Cybertonians. They are depicted in Cybertornian robot forms.


  • Beast Wars Second Tripledacus
This toy was a redeco of Tripredacus. He was sold both as three individual robots or as a gift set.[3]