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Transformers: Universe is a toy and story line in the Transformers franchise consisting of repainted figures from various previous lines that fell between the Unicron Trilogy and Transformers: Animated. A second line entitled Universe 2.0 was later released, but was tied to Transformers: Generations rather than the previous Universe line.


The line was accompanied by a comic line from 3H Enterprises, set in the universe of The Transformers after the events of Beast Machines, but with crossovers from other Transformers lines including the various comic series, Robots in Disguise, Transformers: Armada, and Transformers: Energon. It concerns the threat posed by the return of Unicron, who has been abducting Transformers from across reality to serve as his minions and to harvest their Sparks to fuel his resurgence. In order to counter this threat, Primus revives Optimus Primal to command his "Children of Primus," heroic Transformers from various worlds and time periods.

The comic line was cancelled due to 3H going bankrupt partway through the series, but later saw a conclusion/continuation of sorts in Fun Publications' Transformers: Timelines.