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GoBots character
Tork in box
First appearance

Challenge of the GoBots episode "Terror in Atlantis"
Created by

Voiced by

Philip L. Clarke
Species GoBot
Occupation Powered Guardian Robot 4-Wheel Drive


Guardian GoBots
Alternate mode


Tork is a fictional character from the GoBots series. He is a heroic Guardian GoBot who turns into a truck.



Tork was chosen as the 5th goofiest GoBot name by Topless Robot in 2010.[1]

Animated series

Tork in Challenge of the GoBots

Tork appeared in Challenge of the GoBots episode 9, "Terror in Atlantis".

Tork appeared as a member of the Blue Team recruits in episode 64, "Guardian Academy".

Tork appeared in GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords among the Guardian GoBots working on construction of their home world, GoBotron.

Note: In all animated appearances Tork is depicted as blue in color, like his release as Rob Machine Ford Ranger, not black like his GoBots release.


Fun Publications


Tork was featured in the 2016 Ask Vector Prime story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots swapping places with characters during the events of that film. Tork was among the Guardians defending Guardian City when it was attacked by the Decepticons. Tork was present when Leader-1 passed on the Guardian Matrix of Leadership to Major Mo.[2]


  • Bandai Robo Machine Winchers Ford Ranger
A blue recolor of Winch Robo. Turns from pickup truck to robot.
  • Tonka Power Gobots Secret Riders Tork (1986)
A black recolor of Winch Robo. Turns from pickup truck to robot.


  2. Jim Sorenson (w). "Echoes and Fragments" Ask Vector Prime (February 10th, 2016), Fun Publications

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