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Transformers character
Tigertrack toy
Name Tigertrack
Series Transformers: Generation 1
First appearance Gone Too Far by Fun Publications
Alternate modes Lamborgini
Function Sentinel
Gender Male
Rank 3
Sub-group Autobot Cars

Tigertrack is a fictional character from the Transformers series. Tigertrack was created in 2003 by the Japanese ehobby company. Two third-party Transformer toys have been released as homages to Tigertrack, one by Reprolabels as a Classics style figure and one by Heerotoysmaker as a Smallest Transformers version.

Transformers: Generation 1

Unique hyperactive sensory array allows Tigertrack to accurately detect foreign enemies in any number of poor environments, from darkness to severe storms to front lines roaring with gunfire. His visual sensors in particular are sharp enough to instantly see through any camouflage, screen or illusion. He is also cool yet ferocious hunter. Weapons include a laser-guided ground-to-air missile launcher and electron-pulse gun

Fun Publications

In Gone Too Far by Fun Publications Deep Cover and Tigertrack appeared among the many residents of Axion Nexus at the time Jackpot and Hubcap visited the city.[1]



  • Generation 1 Autobot Car Tigertrack (2003)
A recolor of Generation 1 Sideswipe in yellow released through Figure King magazine.


  • Reprolabels Deluxe Tigertrack
A custom figure set released by Reprolabels. This set is made by combining parts of Universe Deluxe Sideswipe and Sunstreaker with custom labels to make Tigertrack. [2]
  • Heerotoysmaker WST Tigertrack (2011)
A third-party product made by Chinese online retailers uses a remolded version of Smallest Transformers Lambor remade into Tigertrack.


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