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Thundertron is a villainous member of the Star Seekers in the Aligned Continuity of the Transformers franchise.



Thundertron was first introduced in Transformers: Exiles, in which he and his crew aboard the Tidal Wave hunted down the Ark in search of vengeance against all Cybertronians. Having once been Cybertronian colonists, he and his fellow pirates had been cut off from Cybertron and lost many comrades, leaving him with a bitter hatred against all Cybertronians. This led them to Velocitron, where they briefly battled the inhabitants before moving on to pursue the Ark to Junkion. They briefly attacked that world as well, but were driven off by Nexus Prime and the lure of the Requiem Blaster, though not before recruiting Axer and kidnapping Wreck-Gar.

Thundertron and his forces returned in Transformers: Retribution, where they set a trap for the Decepticons and attacked the Nemesis with their entire fleet. Upon revealing the reasons for his grievance against Cybertron, Thundertron was offered an alliance by Megatron, but refused it. The two engaged in a heated duel, but Thundertron eventually broke away to safeguard his flagship. He has not appeared in any subsequent Aligned fiction, but his tech spec indicated that he eventually located Cybertron and was preparing to attack.


  • Thundertron (2012)
Transforms into a robotic lion; later recolored into Transformers: Micron Legend Leo Prime, Transformers: Go! Go Prime, and BotCon Alpha Trizer.