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Starriors character
Tomy Thinktank toy in box
First appearance

Starriors volume 1 number 1, November 1984 by Marvel Comics
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Species Starrior




Scout Craft

"Ah, there you are my boy!"

Thinktank is a fictional character from the Starriors series in 1984. He is a member of the Protectors.


Thinktank is a Protector Rammor.

Note: The Starriors series is considered a parallel universe in the Transformers series.

Fictional biography

Thinktank: Wise and ancient Rammor, Hotshot's adviser.


1984 Marvel Comics

Despite the toy being a white toy with a blue window and blue wheels, most illustrations of Thinktank in fiction depicted him as a blue toy with yellow window, black wheels and white weapons. The box art depicted him with a single laser on his head, while in fiction he was depicted with a claw on his head.

Limited series

Thinktank was a character in the Starriors limited series by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in issue 1, "Discovery", exploring the vast Western Tunnel. He used a Transfer Ring to save Nipper, who had been injured by the Destructors.

Pack-in comics

In "Deadeye" Thinktank advised they retreat when the Protectors were attacked by the Destructors and Deadeye. When the Protectors captured the injured Destructor Cricket, Thinktank advised they let him go to prove they were worthy of the men who built them.

In "The Forest" Thinktank clashed with Crank as to which direction to go on their quest for man.

In "Honor" Thinktank identified an ancient bomb that had been triggered but said no Protector had the knowledge on how to diffuse it.

In "The Trap" Thinktank welcomed Scooter back to their ranks, not knowing he was secretly the Destructor Backfire. Note: Among the dead Protectors depicted in this comic was an unnamed Protector similar to Thinktank who was in toy-accurate white with Motormouth's blue accessories.


  • Tomy Starriors Rammors Thinktank (1984)
Thinktank features a pull back motor and has six 3mm pegs. He comes with a set of brown accessories that can attach to those pegs.
Comes with one of the first four Starriors pack-in comics.


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