The Transformers RPG

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The Transformers RPG  
Cover of The Transformers RPG
Author(s) James Kerr
Country Canada
Language English
Subject(s) Gaming
Genre(s) Modern, science fiction
Publication date September 14th, 2014 (2nd edition, v16)
Pages 88

The Transformers RPG is an unlicensed role-playing game system written by James Kerr set in the Transformers fictional setting.[1]

Format and release

The Transformers RPG has been released freely online by the author as a PDF document.


The Transformers Roleplaying Game is more than meets the eye. Most of its rules involve combat between warring factions, but the system is not a combat simulator. The Map based combat of the system only services to ground the game in its source material. You will notice early on that there is great ambiguity in the system. How tall is a Size 3 robot? Well, the important part is that it is taller than Size 2 and not as tall as Size 4. The size of the Robots is signified by a number, rather than a measurement, just as the Statistics like Strength are graded according to probability, not according to what the robot could lift in measured weight. This is intentional, and meant to embrace the colourful descriptive qualities in classical Transformers storytelling. What you hold in your hands is the most accurate roleplaying experience of a Transformers television show or comic book from the 1980s. It has the same strengths but also the same flaws of scale, distance and probability, amounting ultimately to the same flavour and fun of the source material. Remember to temper the action-filled content with morally upstanding and politically correct public service announcements, dramatic speeches, and either “gosh-gee-wiz” observations or maniacal laughter, then you’ll be playing in a way that is beyond good, beyond evil; beyond your wildest imagination.


The Transformers RPG includes basic setting information for games set during the Generation 1 and Beast Wars settings.


The Transformers RPG gaming systems largely based on the Tech Specs supplied with the original Transformers toys. The game itself is played with a combination of 6 and 10 sided dice. Rules are supplied characters based on the Transformers toy, or for making up original characters.


An example character named Hoe-Down is included with the game.

The following are characters written up in The Transformers RPG rules:


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