The Sinister Shooters

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The Sinister Shooters
The Sinister Shooters box
Universe MasterShooter Collectibles fictional universe
Founded 2013
Key people Firebrand and Nit-Picker
Affiliations Deceptive Constructs
Enemies Automated Robots

The Sinister Shooters are fictional characters and third-party Transformer homages to Hairsplitter and Singe made by MasterShooter Collectibles in 2013.

MasterShooter Collectibles

The Sinister Shooters are a third-party Transformer homage to the Transformers characters Hairsplitter and Singe.

They should not be confused with Deceptive Constructs, a completely different pair of figures released as a TFcon exclusive in 2013.


The Sinister Shooters went up for preorder at Captured Prey in January 2012.[1]

In May 2013 MasterShooter Collectibles put finished images of The Sinister Shooters on their Facebook page. They displayed him together with Timelines Spinister.

The Sinister Shooters were released in August 2013.


Fictional biography

Subject: Nit-Picker
The Splitter of Hairs!
Incredibly anal-retentive about every detail, NIT-PICKER's constant complaints are a source of strife for both his counterpart, FIREBRAND, and the Deceptive Construct the pair have partnered with. His perfectionist nature makes him terrified of being dropped or ruining his perfectly polished chassis with scrapes and scorch marks, making him difficult to work with on the rough battlefield. He is also prone to over-analyzing combat situations, often obsessing over simulations when he should be firing at the enemy instead.

Subject: Firebrand
The Steel that Singes!
Prone to intense emotional outbursts and wild displays, Firebrand has a tendency to draw unwanted attention to his teammates with his exuberant displays of excitement at hitting targets, or his rage at the obsessive nature of his counterpart, NIT-PICKER, who often makes him hot under the collar. The nearly constant bickering of the pair has been known to reveal the team's location to enemy soldiers on more than one occasion, leading FIREBRAND to long fits of sulking when his teammates blame him for the mission's failure.


  • MasterShooter Collectibles ShooterMasters The Sinister Shooters (2013)
The Sinister Shooters share the a common design with most of the ShooterMaster toys, although designed specifically to homage Hairsplitter and Singe. Turn from robots to guns. Comes with connector two adapters, a purple chainsaw, a black crossbow and a black gun.
A Captured Prey store exclusive. The Sinister Shooters were limited to 150 sets initially, with several more sets being made from extra parts after the initial run sold out.




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