The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu

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"The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu"
Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode
"The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu" title credit
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 8
Directed by Yoshinori Nakamura
Written by Nobuaki Kishima
Original air date August 21st, 1986
Guest actors

Kazue Ikura as Lady Nasuka
Kenichi Ono and Kouichi Hashimoto as Mu Islanders
Masashi Hirose as Lord Gillman

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Sofia, Warrior Woman of the Leo Clan"
Next →
"Dash Out, Tank Trancer!"

The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu is the eighth episode of the animated television series Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, which was broadcast on August 21st, 1986 in Japan.[1]


The Mu temple in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 8, "The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu"

Rom and his friends (minus Battleflex) are searching the site of the island of Mu in the Lemur Sea, said to formerly be the highest mountain on a sunken continent. The local inhabitants - at the command of their priestess, Lady Nasuka - are trying recover the Wolf Crest from the Devil's Abyss, which she promises will raise the continent again. After an acid rain storm sends the people running for shelter Rom spots that the Gandora are there as well, searching a temple. The group head in to investigate and Drill stumbles across a hidden passage containing pictures of ancient Mu. They discover the people of Mu had two heads. They are confronted by Lady Nasuka, who angrily tells them to leave and say nothing about what they saw. They accuse her of hiding the truth from the islanders, that they are not the decadents of the Mu Clan. Lady Nasuka meets with the two-headed Lord Gillman and contact Gades, Diondora Grujious for instructions. They order Lord Gillman to kill Rom. Lady Nasuka sends the Mu islanders to find the Wolf Crest, claiming the one who recovers it will be the new Mu Emperor. Two Mu islanders dive down and discover the Wolf Crest, fight over it, but then are eaten by the Kraken, a gigantic sea serpent. Rom and friends watch the whole event from a distance on a small boat and realize Lady Nasuka is working with the Gandora and using the natives to find the Wolf Crest for her own means. Leaving Drill, Reina and Jim on the boat, Rom and Jet take off to capture Lady Nasuka. On the island the Mu islanders refuse to continue trying to recover the Wolf Crest. Lady Nasuka is furious and summons Gandora Devil Soldiers to force them into the water. Rom and Jet arrive and make short work of the Devil Soldiers. Lord Gillman announces himself as last of the Mu Clan.

The fall of the Mu Clan in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 8, "The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu"

Drill gets tired of waiting and swims off to find the Kraken while Reina and Jim follow, but all three are scared off by the creature. On land, Lord Gillman gives a brief history of the Mu. He battles Rom and Jet with ease until Lord Gillman and Rom end up falling into the sea. Lord Gillman is even more suited to underwater combat but they are separated by a whirlpool. Rom finds an ancient computer and realizes it controlled Mu. Lord Gillman arrives and Rom calls Blade Dragon to fight him - to no avail. Rom then summons Vikung-Fu, but the undersea monster guarding the Wolf Crest eats Lord Gillman before the battle is finished. It turns on Vikung-Fu but recognizes the Wolf Crest on the robot's chest and leaves him alone. Rom reunites with his friends, explaining that the computer was responsible for the sinking of the city. The friends find themselves on the boat again when Battleship Robo arrives and offers them a lift. Meanwhile the Mu islanders rebel against Lady Nasuka and kill her.


Heroes Gandora Others
Rom Stol Devil Soldiers Mu Islanders
Reina Stol Lady Nasuka Kraken
Rod Drill Lord Gillman Battleship Robo
Blue Jet Grujious
Triple Jim Diondora
Blade Dragon Gades


  • Firsts: This is the first appearance of the Mu islanders and Battleship Robo, who both appear in later episodes.
  • There is no explanation as to how Rom and his friends got to the island in the first place. Possibly they were transported there by Battleship Robo, which would help make sense of him arriving to return them to the mainland at the end.
  • The Mu islanders think they are the descendants of the Mu Clan, they are actually descendants of (Battle Clan?) slaves taken from the mainland. They are all based on the Submarine Robo toy, which was released as Dive-Dive in the GoBots line.
  • The actual Mu Clan are two-headed mechanoids who thrived 12,000 years ago. Lord Gillman was the last of their kind.
  • Battleflex is nowhere to be seen this episode.
  • The Wolf Sword can emit a blinding light.
  • Rom Stol's lecture this week is about "truth". Lady Nasuka doesn't deserve to know Rom's name.
  • Mechanoids don't need to breath air, and can survive under water quite well.
  • When Rom summons Blade Dragon it is carrying the Shield of Justice he obtained in episode 6, which is immediately knocked from his hand by Lord Gillman and sinks into the ocean.
  • The Kraken and Battleship Robo are two of the largest beings depicted on Cronos so far. According to show notes Battleship Robo is about 886 feet long in ship mode.
  • Death toll: Rom Stol, Blue Jet and Rod Drill each kill a Devil Soldier guarding the temple. Rom kills another Devil Soldier with his Flying Snake Head Snap. Jet kills 6 more Devil Soldiers with his sword. The Kraken eats Lord Gillman. The Mu islanders kill Lady Nasuka.
  • Masashi Hirose, who played Lord Gillman, also played Searchlight in the Japanese dub of The Transformers.
  • The French dub of this episode was called "Aventures au Continent Perdu des "Mu"", which means "Adventures in the Lost Continent of the "Mu"".
  • In some English subtitles the name of this episode is "The Lost Sea of Evil".



  1. "The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu". Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos. August 21st, 1986. No. 8, season 1.

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