The Alienapolis Five Million

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"The Alienapolis Five Million"
Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episode
"The Alienapolis Five Million" title
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 14
Written by Jim Sorenson
Original air date September 19th, 1986/October 17th, 2015
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Best Medicine"
Next →
"Cop-Tur the Genius"

The Alienapolis Five Million is a fictional story in the Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric series episode 14. Written in 2015, it retroactively took place in an unaired second season of the Challenge of the GoBots animated series.[[1]


The Renegades encounter a society devoted to automotive racing and enter a race to control the planet. The Guardians enter the race to counter them and the Renegades are disqualified for cheating. Turbo wins the race, but refuses to take leadership of the planet.

Source text

The following was first posted on the Ask Vector Prime Facebook page on October 17th, 2015.[2]

Mathew Robert Ignash: Dear Renegade Rhetoric,

Can you honor us with tales of your glorious adventures from after you left the miserable rocky planet Quartex?

Cy-Kill: Damnation and good riddance to Quartex.


Next we encountered an advanced society devoted entirely to automotive racing. I hatched a scheme to assume control by winning the Alienapolis Five Million. I entered my fastest warriors, quite confident of victory. Unfortunately, Leader-1 somehow discovered my plan and entered racers of his own. Rather than risk losing, our forces tried to cheat, but we were discovered by Scooter and Nick and disqualified from the race.

Mathew Robert Ignash: Fascinating, which speedy Renegade and Guardian warriors were entered in the Alienapolis Five Million? Which warriors fought the alien arena?

Cy-Kill: My team for the Alienapolis Five Million were three of the fastest GoBots you ever did see. My first choice was Spoiler, who converts into a Lamborghini Countach 500LPS, thinking his boundless enthusiasm would be an asset. Next I selected the wildly independent Stallion, a Fort Mustang. Naturally, I placed Crasher in command. Not only is she one of my most loyal and capable fighters, but her Porsce 959 configuration made her ideal for the mission. They should have been more than a match for the dimwitted Guardians Sparky, Street Heat, and Turbo, but I took no chances and had Cop-Tur lay a series of booby traps for the Guardians. Street Heat was knocked out of the race, but the accursed Scooter discovered our malfeasance and tattled to the officiants. Crasher refused to yield, even after being disqualified, but Turbo edged her out to the finish line anyway. Can you believe he declined leadership of their society, instead telling them to "go your own way" and then leaving? Preposterous!


Louis Sun: Can you tell us more about your subordinates Slicks and Destroyer?

Cy-Kill: I would be pleased to! Slicks is a Renault RE30 F1 car, and one of my fastest warriors. Had he been available to me during the Alienapolis Five Million, I surely would have used him, but he was back at Rogue Star. He's a bit of an opportunist. In fact, the first time I met one of the Swindles he reminded me a bit of Slicks. He faced off against Van Guard in the Arena, and I'm happy to say he won his conflict through speed and cunning.


Guardians Renegades Humans
Leader-1 Cy-Kill Nick Burns
Scooter Crasher
Sparky Cop-Tur
Street Heat Spoiler
Turbo Stallion


  • The plot of this episode is similar to the episodes of Transformers: Cybertron which took place on the planet Velocitron.
  • On December 21st, 2015 the Ask Vector Prime Facebook page posted a fictional list of the unaired episodes of Challenge of the GoBots season 2, which listed "The Alienapolis Five Million" as season 2 episode 14, which was supposed to air September 19, 1986.


  1. "The Alienapolis Five Million". Written by Jim Sorenson. Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric. September 19th, 1986/October 17th, 2015. No. 14, season 1.

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