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Lost Protectors character
Terrortops art
Created by

Play With This Too
Species Tri-Horn
Relatives Terrortops (ancestor)


Tri-Horn Assemblage

Diviner of Subterfuge

"A true warrior has no need of lies."

Terrortops is a fictional character and toy homage to Dinosaucers Tricero made by Play With This Too.

Lost Protectors

Terrortops is a character created by Play With This Too for their Lost Protectors series. He is a dinosaur-like alien warrior.


Play With This Too first teased pencil art of the back of a triceratops head in January 2015.

Desolataur was designed by Steve Redinger. Desolataur parts were used in the design of Terrortops.

The closed hands for Terrortops were designed by Albie Lim.

They released art of Terrortops in February 2015.

In February 2015 Play With This Too released images of the prototype for Desolataur, which included parts used on Terrortops.

Fictional biography

Terrortops wears a living Aegis battle suit powered by the primal forces of the universe. It grants him enhanced strength, durability and longevity as well as having numerous weapons. As the first of the Tri-Horn Assemblage, Terrortops commands the respect of every living Tri-Horn. As the Diviner of Subterfuge, Terrortops always knows if anyone is knowingly dishonest to him. Like all Tri-Horn, Terrortops can redirect energy blasts directed at him with his skull and horns, called his Tri-Horn Rampart.

According to Boneyard's biography, he carries a shield made from the head of his first opponent in the galactic arenas, the commanding Terrortops, an ancestor of the current Terrortops.

The title Diviner of Subterfuge was created by Mathew Robert Ignash.


  • Prize Inside Titanic Triceratops (2014)
Available on their Shapeways store in in various colors.[1]
  • Play With This Too Lost Protectors Terrortops (unreleased)
A 1:12 scale articulated figure with interchangeable hands and heads. He has numerous 5mm connector ports. Comes with alternate hands.
Terrortops shares his mold with Titanic Triceratops XD and Tri-Gorr.
Terrortops shares some parts with Ankhor, Astro Spreem, Astroblast, Barbaricles, Baron Tuskador, Bitemark, Bloodbath, Bloodsoaked, Calaminous Haagenti, Catastropheles, Count Tuskules, Desolataur, Dungheap, Impirator, King Adder, Lord Tangent von Tuskuleser, Mainsail, Meanbean, Muscules, Prince Carnos, Rawbat, Sir Fangramore LeVenomous, Sir Pythanore, Spine-FCKR and Viper Squire.



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