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The below content was derived from the Wikipedia page Template:Wp-cca-nd, with the list of authors located at the revision history page, and is licensed according to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License contrary to the public domain logo at the foot of the page.
Template documentation


{{Wp-cca-nd|article name on Wikipedia}}

if the criteria below is met. The first and only parameter is optional, but would incorrectly attribute the article to another Wikipedia article if the full page name is not equal to the article name on Wikipedia.

Use this only if the original Wikipedia article still exists and is not an article undergoing a deletion or speedy deletion process. If that criteria doesn't fit the original Wikipedia article, use Template:Wp-cca.

If the criteria above is not met, use the {{wp-cca}} template or use

{{Wp-cca-nd|article name on Wikipedia|nd=n}}

Why not Wp-cca?

Template:Wp-cca doesn't link to the history page of the original Wikipedia article, which contains the list of authors. Instead, it requires the one who transcludes it, to copy the full revision history of the source Wikipedia article onto the talk page of the WikiAlpha article wherein it is transcluded into. Therefore, Wp-cca designed primarily for soon-to-be-deleted Wikipedia articles (those that are in WikiAlpha's Deleted: namespace.

Theoretically, Wp-cca could be modified to be just like wikipedia:en:Template:En-WP attribution notice (an attribution notice that would follow the BY-SA 3.0 requirements for attribution without having to copy-and-paste the revision history onto the talk page ). But, it's protected.

Also, Wp-cca links to the BY-SA 3.0 legal deed on the Creative Commons website. The BY-SA 3.0 license requires derivatives to have a local copy of the BY-SA 3.0 license deed. This means Wp-cca might have been insufficient as attribution required under the BY-SA 3.0 Unported License.