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Tantrum is a character featured in various Transformers continuities; the member of the original Predacons Combiner team is also known as Torox.


Generation 1

Animated series

Tantrum appeared alongside the other Predacons who form Predaking in "The Five Faces of Darkness" episodes of The Transformers, and usually appeared alongside his teammates. Transforming into a buffalo/ox, he formed one of Predaking's limbs.

Marvel Comics

In The Transformers comic series, Tantrum and his teammates were summoned to Earth and given animal forms so that they could hunt Optimus Prime. However, they would also attack Megatron on the orders of Shockwave.



Devil's Due

IDW Publishing

Tantrum appears as part of Predaking in Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus, only to seemingly perish along with his teammates when the Tripredacus Council, Tarantulas, and Ravage formed Predacus and attacked them.

Fun Publications

Tantrum and his teammates were later revealed to have been connected to the Predacon faction of the Beast Wars era, having been reformatted into new forms in preparation for the uprising against the Maximals.


  • Tantrum (1986)
  • Timelines Tantrum (unreleased)
A retool of Beast Machines Longhorn.
  • Platinum Edition Torox (2013)
A recolor of the 1986 figure.
  • Kre-O Torox (2013)
One of four components of Kre-O Predaking.