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Transformers character
Generation 1 Stranglehold on card
Species Transformer




"Rule one is: There are no rules."


Mayhem Attack Squad, Pretenders
Tech specs

ST09 IN03 SP02 EN09

RN07 CO05 FB06 SK08

Stranglehold is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Decepticon Pretender introduced in 1989.


Stranglehold is a Decepticon enforcer who turns into metal rhino. Also he has a backpack. Octopunch, Starscream and Bludgeon are like Stranglehold.[1]

Fictional biography

A muscle-bound monster! Willing to do anything to win. Kicks, gouges and sucker punches his way to victory. The reigning Intergalactic Cybertronic Wrestling Federation Champ. A powerhouse of brute strength. All brawn and no brains. Enjoys bench-pressing houses and arm curling cars to stay in shape. Sends his opponents down for the count with his steel-smashing, ultra-suplex or a short-circuiting atomic piledriver. Armed with brawn blaster that drains his enemies' power. Equipped with concussion blaster in robot Mode.


Fun Publications


Stranglehold appeared in Invasion Prologue by Fun Publications where is was one of the Decepticon troops under the command of Overlord.[2]

Stranglehold appears in the 2012 BotCon Invasion lithograph by Casey Coller and Josh Perez.[3]

Stranglehold as a cameo in part 6 of Of Masters and Mayhem where it is discovered that he was posing as a human and has become a professional wrestler on Earth.

IDW Publishing characters

Generation 1

After the Chaos War, Stranglehold was one of the Decepticons who started rioting on the streets of Cybertron in celebration of Megatron's return.

Regeneration One

Stranglehold remained a member of Bludgeon's forces twenty-one years after the battle of Klo, and helped eradicate the inhabitants of Torkulon. Loose Ends, Part 3 He was still at Bludgeon's side aboard the Warworld as the Decepticon leader unleashed his Blitz Engines on Cybertron's Autobots. Destiny, Part Four At Fangry's suggestion, Krok, Weirdwolf, Skullcruncher, Horri-Bull, Octopunch and Stranglehold went down to the planet's surface to join in the fighting, but as first the Blitz Engines, then Soundwave's Neo-Decepticons and finally Bludgeon himself were all defeated in turn, the Autobots claimed victory. Destiny, Part Five

At the end of the battle, any Decepticons not killed in the fighting were incarcerated by the Autobots and were then most likely converted into shadow-leeches by the Dark Matrix creature, along with (almost) the entire population of Cybertron, while Rodimus Prime and his Autobots were off-planet fighting Jhiaxus at the Hub Network.

Marvel Comics

Stranglehold was part of the Mayhem Attack Squad. [4] He appears several issues later, where the Squad's activities are put on hold when they are distracted by the National Guard. [5] [6]

Stranglehold grew a mustache and, along with Octopunch, remained a part of the Mayhem Attack Squad when Bludgeon took command, when it was sent by Thunderwing to assassinate the Autobot Pretenders; Bumblebee, Grimlock and Jazz. After tracking the Autobots to their secret base, the Mayhems interrupted the Classic Pretenders and Micromaster Rescue Patrol's trip through the trans-time dimensional portal, with all three groups transported to the core of Cybertron. Surprisingly, Cybertron's core contained none other than Primus himself!


  • Generation 1 Pretender Stranglehold (1989)
A new mold.

Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Name Stranglehold
Alternate modes Muscle car

A concept for Shattered Glass Stanglehold was considered by the Transformers Collectors Clus. This toy was a recolor of Hunt for the Decepticons Axor.


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