Steel Wind (Transformers)

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Transformers character
Classic Steel Wind art
Name Steel Wind
Series Transformers: Classic
First appearance The New World by Fun Publications
Alternate modes A-10
Function Heavy Aerial Assault
Gender Male
Motto "We fly free."
Partner Nightscream & Thunderwing
Rank 4.5
Sub-group Mini-Con

Steel Wind is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is an Autobot allied Mini-Con who turns into a jet from the Transformers: Classic line.

Transformers: Classic

One of the new Mini-Con molds released for the Transformers: Classic line, Steel Wind is an Autobot allied Mini-Con who turns into a A-10 jet fighter. He is leader of the Clear Skies Team along with Nightscream and Steel Wind.

The leader of the Clear Skies Team, Steel Wind wants nothing more than to soar through the air, coastingon thermals and enjoying the view. He feels there is nothing more beautiful than a natural vista from 30,000 feet.[1]

In Fun Publications stories Steel Wind is portrayed to speak like a stereotypical hippie.

Fun Publications

Steel Wind appeared in the story The New World. After the explosion that caused the death of Modus Prime, Steel Wind responsed by looking for survivors while dropping fire-retardant bombs. He later noted that the beacon calling the Autobots and Decepticons back to Cybertron had been jammed. When Hacksaw went to investigate he ordered the Clear Skies Team follow him 6 kilometers away in a holding pattern in case he needed help. When it was revealed that Broadside was behind the attack the Clear Skies Team sided against him.[2]


  • Hasbro Transformers Classic Mini-Con Clear Skies Team (2007)
Steel Wind was later recolored into Henkei Skyglide, Universe Skyhammer and Universe Sky Shadow.


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