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Steamer is a fictional character from the GoBots franchise, specifically Challenge of the GoBots, and transforms into a steamroller.


Animated series

Steamer in robot mode

Steamer appears in the Challenge of the GoBots episode "Steamer's Defection", where he is first seen as a member of the Renegades who seems to lack his colleagues' ruthlessness. After attacking a Guardian base on Gobotron, he defies orders by allowing Sparky to escape instead of destroying her. When Cy-Kill then began destroying Earth cities to fuel his newly acquired Astro-Beam, Steamer was appalled at the wanton destruction and left the Renegades. He sided with the Guardians despite their distrust of his former allegiance, and even overcame Cy-Kill's efforts to discredit him by learning the Renegade leader's true plan and revealing it to the Guardians, who eventually welcomed him into their ranks.


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