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Star Defender
Mego Star Defender box
Launched 1979

The Micronauts Star Defender is a fictional vehicle in the Micronauts series introduced in 1979.


The Star Defender is a fictional vehicle in the Micronauts series.


Fictional biography

Micronauts will be safer tonight because Star Defender, the motorized defense vehicle is near. This super defense system includes three attack spacecrafts, a crank operated Micronaut transporter and a forward defense unit with rotating grapplers.


  • Mego Micronauts Star Defender (1979)
Based on the Takara Microman Surveyor 3 with heavy remolds.
Includes many recolored and slightly remolded part used on the Star Searcher, Solarion and Taurion.
This toy was also released as the Buck Rogers Star Searcher by Mego.
  • Airfix Micronauts Star Defender
  • Pin Pin Toys Micronauts Star Defender
A release of the Mego toy in France by Pin Pin Toys.



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