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Lost Protectors character
Spine-FCKR art
Created by

Play With This Too
Species Space Demon
Relatives Skull-FCKR (brother)



Demon Duke of Deception

"Well, look what crawled out of the miasma..."

Spine-FCKR is a fictional character made by Play With This Too. He is an evil Space Demon.

Lost Protectors

Spine-FCKR was made by Play With This Too as part of their Lost Protectors series. He is an evil Space Demon.


Desolataur and D-Mon were designed by Steve Redinger. His parts were used in the design of Spine-FCKR.

The Head Shots Vol. 1 were designed by Steve Redinger and named by Rik Alvarez, one of the heads from that set is used for Spine-FCKR.

In November 2014 Play With This Too announced crowd founding exclusive recolors of Head Shots Vol. 1. The retail color were announced in the Lost Protectors Kickstarter. Play With This Too posted on their Facebook page that Bitemark would look even better with the red Skull-FCKR head on it.

In February 2015 Play With This Too released images of the prototype for Desolataur, which included parts used on Spine-FCKR.

Head Shots Vol. 1 were among the stretch goals for the unsuccessful Lost Protectors Kickstarter campaign. They were to be unlocked if the campaign raised at least $95,000.[1]

Spine-FCKR's name and title was created by Mathew Robert Ignash.

Fictional biography

Spine-FCKR is an evil Space Demon. Although as physically powerful as most of his kind, his low-power magic is limited to illusion, which he uses imaginatively against those he knows will be easily fooled, pretending to be more powerful than he really is. His wings allow him to glide short distances. He is the twin brother of Skull-FCKR. He refuses to believe his broodmate has joined the Protector Armada, and thinks it is a hoax, part some larger scheme. He plans to ruin that scheme by showing the universe what a monster Skull-FCKR really is. Mostly that plan has backfired, showing Skull-FCKR to be a courageous soul and true hero. Can be coaxed into a clumsy rage if made fun of, especially if his magic is called out as a sham. He has a bit of an inferiority complex concerning his brother Skull-FCKR, believing their broodmare favored his sibling.


  • Play With This Too Lost Protectors Spine-FCKR (unreleased)
A 1:12 scale articulated figure with interchangeable head and limbs. He has numerous 5mm connector ports. Comes with alternate hands.
Spine-FCKR shares some parts with Barbaricles, Bitemark, Bloodbath, Bloodsoaked, Calaminous Haagenti, Count Tuskules, Desolataur, Dungheap, Impirator, King Adder, Lord Tangent von Tuskuleser, Meanbean, Muscules, Prince Carnos, Rawbat, Sir Fangramore LeVenomous, Sir Pythanore, Terrortops, Titanic Triceratops XD, Tri-Gorr and Viper Squire.



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