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GoBots character
GoBots Monsterous box
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Aliases Monster Fiend
Species GoBot/Transformer
Occupation Renegade Robot Giant


Predacons, Renegade GoBots
Alternate mode

Six Monster GoBots

Monsterous is a fictional character from the GoBots series. He is the combined form of six Renegade GoBots introduced in 1986.


The Monstrous team Renegades that combine into Monsterous. They are some times depicted as Transformers Predacons who joined the Renegade cause.


Fictional biography

Fangs: In a smile lined with steely-spiked teeth, Fangs clicks his mouth to a deadly beat. One bite can rip out a wall. He can break into any top security building. No plans are safe. No technology adequate to prevent him from his sinister goals. And as the leg of the giant, Monsterous, his attacks are of even greater proportions.
Fright Face: In the flash of a thought, Fright Face becomes the head of Monsterous - A giant Renegade monster with a cold, calculating mind. With a sinister snarl, Fright Face displays the shine of his evil fangs. Few can look upon his frightening face and not quake in utter terror. Can anyone or anything overcome this awesome being of destruction?
Gore Jaw: A slimy trail echoes of shrieking yells, are evil clues to Gore Jaw's trail. Never missing a stride, Gore Jaw takes on everything in his path and turns it into an ugly, gory mass. When he becomes the leg of Monsterous, he walks and people flee! He's out there somewhere. Can he be stopped?!
Heart Attack: With blood-curdling speed and merciless determination, Heart Attack attacks his foes. Although frightening and strong, a hit in the right place will temporarily weaken him. However, his strength will return in moments. The Guardians have only a small chance against this sinister monster who is the body of the giant, Monsterous!
South Claw: Sharpening his claws to a taloned point, South Claw, prepares for his attack on the Guardians. His sinister face reflects the glow of his destructive claws. All is ready, as he streaks into the darkening sky. His mission: Contact with his five foul cohorts to become the left arm of Monsterous. A Giant Renegade with the powerful mark of doom at the points of his evil hand!
Weird Wing: With his wings reaching out as a blanket of darkness, Weird Wing streaks across the sky on his mission of doom. Capable of predicting the ominous future of his victims, he smirks with delight as he flies down for the attack. And when he connects with his five Renegade cohorts, he becomes a Giant Monsterous Arm, pitting his evil strength against the Guardians!


Monsterous has numerous abilities because of his robotic body. He does not age, can fly, survive in space and is super-humanly strong and tough. He can turn into a monster ship. Thanks to GoBot upgrades given to him by Cy-Kill he has blasters in his hands.


Fun Publications


The Monsterous team was featured in the 2016 Ask Vector Prime story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots, Rock Lords and Starriors swapping places with characters during the events of that film. Monsterous was among the Monster GoBots on the planet Antares III. He attacked and damaged Kup, but Hot Rod came to his friend's rescue, attacking the combiner and forcing it to break apart. The individual members of the combiner retreated.[1]


The Monsterous team was mentioned and appeared in the 2015 Fun Publications Ask Vector Prime Facebook series when it was hosted by Cy-Kill. It is revealed Fright Face and his Predacons were marauders in the Heap of Axiom Nexus who attacked Cy-Kill and Warpath. Cy-Kill defeated Fright Face in personal combat and for command of his Predacons, recruiting them into his new Renegade forces. The Predacons were upgraded with GoBot blasters and the ability to combine, thanks to a Puzzler upgrade.

When the TransTech authorities attempted to arrest Cy-Kill he called his new Renegade troops into action, including Monsterous. Cy-Kill ordered Gong to transport the Renegades away.[2]

Research by Vector Prime suggests that the Predacons recruited by Cy-Kill were from the Uniend universal cluster.[3]

In the Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episode 58 story "Opportunity Knocks Part 2", Cy-Kill chronicled his return to "Level 1", his home universal stream, just as the Guardians were staging an attack on Rogue Star. Cy-Kill and his Renegade recruits from Axiom Nexus joined Fitor, Spoons and Stretch in repelling an attack by Courageous, Leader-1, the Guardian Command Centers and the new Guardian Academy graduates Beamer, Guide Star and Sky Fly. During the battle Monsterous was able to best Courageous and tore though the Command Centers, but a ploy from Leader-1 tricked Cy-Kill into unleashing a massive blast which struck Monsterous, shattering the combiner into his components.


  • Bandai Robo Machine Puzzler Fiends Set (1986)
This European release of the set by Bandai renamed South Claw into Weird Wing and Weird Wing into South Claws.
  • Tonka GoBots 7301 Fangs (1986)
A recolor of Machine Robo Blugoda.
  • Tonka GoBots 7301 Fright Face (1986)
A recolor of Machine Robo Gillhead.
Turns from robot to monster ship. Forms the head and upper torso of Monsterous.
  • Tonka GoBots 7301 Gore Jaw (1986)
  • Tonka GoBots 7301 Heart Attack (1986)
A recolor of Machine Robo Groguillon.
Turns from robot to monster ship. Forms the lower torso of Monsterous.
  • Tonka GoBots 7301 South Claw (1986)
A recolor of Machine Robo Dead Claw.
Turns from robot to monster ship. Forms the right arm of Monsterous.
  • Tonka GoBots 7301 Weird Wing (1986)
A recolor of Machine Robo Barabat.
Turns from robot to monster ship. Forms the left arm of Monsterous.
  • Tonka GoBots 7302 Monsterous (1986)
A recolor of Machine Robo Devil Satan 6.
A gift set box containing Fangs, Fright Face, Gore Jaw, Heart Attack, South Claw and Weird Wing.



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