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Transformers character
Shattered Glass Soundwave
Name Soundwave
Series Music Label
Transformers: Timelines
First appearance Transformers: Timelines "Shattered Glass" by Fun Publications
Alternate modes Microcassette Recorder, Van
Function Communications and Morale Officer
Sex Male
Motto "I have no mouth, yet I must rock!"
Partner Ratbat, Slugfest
Rank 6
Sub-group Convention exclusives, Deluxe Vehicles

Soundwave is a fictional character from the Shattered Glass Transformers series. He is a heroic Decepticon communications expert and the mirror image dimensional counterpart to Generartion 1 Soundwave. The first toy for this version of Soundwave was repurposed from the Takara Music Label line, while the second one was exclusive to Botcon 2012.

He sometimes is depicted as a combiner team member, forming the torso of Soundbreaker.

An unlicensed third-party Transformer of this version of Soundwave was also made by Heerotoysmaker.

Shattered Glass

This Soundwave is an alternate good version of the Generation 1 character from the BotCon exclusive "Shattered Glass" comic, in which the Decepticons are on the side of good and the Autobots on the side of evil. His appearance is based on the white Music Label Soundwave MP3 player.

Fictional biography

There is no Decepticon in any universe like Soundwave. Cheerful, optimistic and headstrong, Soundwave acts more like his teenaged human friends than his Cybertron comrades. All he really wants is for everyone to be excellent to each other and party on. But that can't happen as long as buzz-kills like Optimus Prime, Rodimus and Ultra Magnus are out there. Soundwave's communications array automatically taps into any nearby data source. At any given moment he is surfing the internet, rocking out to the radio and tapping enemy communications while keeping his comrades connected. His sonic cannon transforms into a monomolecular blade that vibrates at the speed of sound, making him dangerous at long range and close quarters. Soundwave's weakness is his compassion. He is easily distracted due to his fondness for all life, machine or otherwise.

Fun Publications

Soundwave with Buzzsaw in "Shattered Glass"

Soundwave first appears as a member of Megatron's forces in the Transformers: Timelines story "Shattered Glass" story by Fun Publications. He helps in the attack on the Autobot's Ark launching platform, working with Buzzsaw.

Soundwave makes a cameo in the fiction Dungeons & Dinobots, a text based story. When the Autobots are gaining the advantage in an attack on the Arch-Ayr fuel dump he calls in the Mayhem Suppression Squad to help the Decepticons.[1]

Soundwave appears in the story Do Over. He is among the crew of the Nemesis, which follows the Autobot's Ark to Earth. When the ship is damaged in battle with the Ark he escapes in a stasis pod to Earth.[2]

Soundwave is spotlighted in the story The Desert Heat!. In this story, having crashed to Earth in an escape pod, Heatwave recovers Soundwave and helps his fellow Decepticon get back online and assume an Earth-style alternate mode.[3]

Soundwave appears in the story Eye in the Sky. Cliffjumper, Crasher, Frenzy, Heatwave, Ravage and Soundwave are sent on a mission to Burpleson Air Force Base to stop the Autobots from controlling the GODS defense system. Heatwave uses his powers to convince the GODS transmitter to fire the weapon on itself and stop the Autobots from taking control.

Soundwave is spotlighted in the story Blitzwing Bop. The Elite Guardsman Thunderwing intercepts a radio signal from Earth which mentions Soundwave. Finding Soundwave is wanted for a minor offense from long ago he heads to Earth. Thunderwing finds Soundwave involved in a battle the Autobot Blaster for the possession of the malfunctinging Decepticon Blitzwing. Although not interested in the dispute, Soundwave convinces Thunderwing that Soundwave cannot leave Earth for trial on Cybertron until his commanding officer can be notified, and the only way to get Starscream online is to rescue Blitzwing. Thunderwing is still unwilling to takes sides in the battle against Blaster, merely following the Decepticon, but Soundwave tricks Blaster into mentioning a crime he committed on Cybertron while Thunderwing is in nearby. Thunderwing immediately goes into arrest mode and tries to capture Blaster, but Blaster escapes in a malfunctioning Stellar Spanner. With Starscream back online Soundwave confesses to his minor crimes and Thunderwing passes a sentence of community service on him.

Soundwave appeared in the Recordicons comic strip for April/May 2013. In this story Nightbeat tells Hosehead about how Wheeljack makes better legs than a torso while Soundwave and Ravage spy on them.

Soundwave appeared in Solar Requiem, where he confronted Blaster and made friends with Solarbot.[4]


The Shattered Glass storyline was highlighted in a November 2014 event for the 2012 mobile game Transformers Legends. The event featured Megatron, Ravage and Soundwave confronting Goldbug, Grimlock, Ricochet and Rodimus.[5]

Shattered Glass Soundwave appeared in the 2016 mobile game Transformers: Earth Wars.

Shattered Glass Soundwave in Forged To Fight

Shattered Glass Soundwave appeared in the 2017 Forged to Fight game. He is depicted as the Titans Return Soundwave toy.

Both Generation 1 and Shattered Glass Soundwave had cards in the Magic: The Gathering Brothers' War card game in 2022.


  • Takara Music Label Sonic White Soundwave (2007)
A working MP3 player shaped like a cassette player.
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Soundwave.
  • Transformers Timelines Deluxe Soundwave (2012)
A BotCon 2012 exclusive white and blue recolor of the Universe Deluxe Ironhide figure with a new head sculpt. The van's side panels are decorated with "Cold Slither" logos as a nod to the G.I. Joe episode of the same name.[6]
This toy was proposed for BotCon 2011, but eventually came out in 2012.
  • ehobby Shattered Glass Soundwave vs. Blaster (2013)
An ehobby exclusive includes recolors of the Generation 1 toys Soundwave, Ratbat, Slugfest, Blaster, Eject/Rewind and Ramhorn in Shattered Glass colors.[7]
  • Transformers Generations Titans Return Leader Soundwave with Soundblaster (2016)
A remold of Generations Titans Returns Blaster, featuring a Titan Master companion named for Soundwave's reborn self in The Headmasters.
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Soundwave in the Forged to Fight game.
  • Hasbro Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Voyager Soundwave with Laserbeak and Ravage (2022)


Shattered Glass Animated

Shattered Glass Animated Soundwave was set to appear in an unproduced Shattered Glass episode of Transformers Animated.

Shattered Glass Transformers: Prime

Shattered Glass Transformers: Prime concept art by ehobby

A proposed but unrealized release by ehobby was Transformers: Prime Soundwave and Zori recolored like Bumblebee and B.B. for Shattered Glass Transformers: Prime.


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